Creating Something from Nothing

THIS JUST IN: I've received an astute Blog Award from my dear blogging colleague, Litgirl01 (aka Traci Lawrence.) Please let her know how much you appreciate her giving me this award, since pretty much the only thing I've won in life is a spot on the sophomore cheerleading squad. (Not that that wasn't a HUGE accomplishment!) Thanks, Traci! You made my day.;-)

Now back to regular programming....
In conjunction with the article I just posted on, (shameless plug) I thought I'd take a look at the creative process: creating something from nothing.

We writers are a funny breed. We sit down, usually at our computers, and start typing. Most of us are not quite sure (or have any earthly clue at all) what words will appear, yet we have perfect faith they will. In some instances, this might be called "crazy." (I admit to being called that and worse on numerous occasions. That's fine. I like attention. Plus, any publicity is good publicity!)

Yup, that's how it's done, folks. We trust in the process and the mystery of the universe, and lo and behold, before we know it, 1,000 plus or minus words have been added to the pile known as our current WIP. How the hell did that happen?

Seriously, how does this happen? Where do those funny, enlightening, interesting words come from? Ah... that is the wonder, joy, mystery, and genius of the creative process - the ACT of creating something from nothing. It is poetry in motion - a physical , spiritual and emotional enterprise. We writers sit down and open our toolboxes filled with emotions, moods, experiences, our past, present, our hopes and dreams for the future, mix them all together, and faithfully watch the magic unfold.

Then, after the magical work is done, we tread softly or forcefully (or more likely somewhere in between) into the world of agents, bringing with us peace offerings of queries, synopses, and sample pages that we've revised until we've driven ourselves (and our loved ones), "crazy." There's that word again! Then we eagerly await "acceptance" that may or may never come. It's no wonder we artist-types are a messed up bunch! Thankfully, we have each other to lean on, appreciate, lift up, and commiserate with.

So, to you, all my blogging (and lurking) friends, I commend you, I adore you, I appreciate you, and I honor you.

Now, let's get back to work creating our magical somethings from nothing!
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