Now What? WARNING: Cliche-Infested Post Ahead!

First of all, I'M BACK!!! I needed a short break, and I appreciate you not abandoning me in the meantime. Really. Chocolate for everyone.


Even though it's frowned upon in the writing world, I love writing cliches (I also love cliches that are about writing!). "They" say it's lazy and unimaginative, but what the hell do "they" know? Here are a few of my favorites on the topic of writing:
  • It's time to turn the page on this chapter of your life.
  • I'm glad we're all on the same page.
  • Thank God for happy endings. (Or, wait, maybe that's not a reference to writing at all!)
I bring this up because I am, in fact, turning the page on this chapter of my life. My marriage is heading towards the history books, and I will soon be closing the final chapter on a relationship I thought would last until death did us part.

So, now what?

Now it's time to move forward, blaze a new path, set myself free, dream a new dream, start a new life, insert your favorite cliche here. I've cried rivers of tears over the past few years, felt sorry for myself to the point where even I couldn't stand being around me, and wished upon wish that things were different - that they'd go back to the way things were, to the life I thought I'd continue to live.

However, as I posted a couple of weeks ago, it's smarter and healthier to eat from the tree of possibility and acceptance; to move forward and embrace "what is."

So, I am doing my best to follow my own advice. On that note, I'm considering a move to the shore - a dream I've had since I was a kid - preferably New Jersey, Maryland, or Virginia . (They say VA is for lovers. I believe thorough research is warranted). I'm not a huge fan of incredible heat, so I don't think I want to venture further south (ironic, given we're in the middle of 100+ degree temps in the Northeast right now!). If any of you have suggestions for great shore towns that are affordable and fun, please let me know, either in the comments or via email at

I've sent Draft #5 to Awesome Agent (cue loud cheering and party music). Now, once again, I wait. Normally, I'd be writing, but this time while I'm waiting, I'm researching beach towns. Though, my life has taken an unexpected turn, I can sure as hell create a life I will love with all my heart and soul. A life that includes writing, great music, being inspired by the sea, new friends, and always, great family.

Good to see y'all again, and thanks for wading through the cliche-laden swamp that is this post. I'd love to hear about the new chapters you're writing in your own lives.
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