Little By Little All Your Sweet Dreams Come True

I was inspired last night. I saw an Australian guitar player (who now also has US citizenship). His name is Tommy Emmanuel. You all know that Chuck and I are musicians. Until last night, I would have told you that I play guitar. Now, I'm not even sure what one looks like. To say he is 'great' would be like saying Michelle Pfeiffer is 'sorta pretty." Let me put it this way, Eric Clapton - yes THE Eric Clapton has been quoted as saying, "Tommy Emmanuel is the greatest guitar player on earth."

Tommy doesn't just play the guitar, but like a cat, he becomes one with it. He puts Buddy Rich (great clip of him and The Muppets drumming together) and Sheila E (Glamorous Life - remember that killer song?) combined to shame when he uses the guitar as a percussion instrument. And hearing him play slow songs is akin to what I imagine watching DaVinci paint the Mona Lisa must have been like. He really is that good. (Oops, I just typed "god" instead of good - mistake? Doubtful.)

During the concert, Tommy told the story of a woman who cleaned his hotel room and made his bed for him while he was in Kenya, Africa playing a benefit concert. He said she left a note on his pillow each night that, translated from Swahili meant, "May all your sweet dreams come true." Soon after, he was in Italy and began writing a song that would become a part of his regular repertoire. The working title was from another Swahili phrase he knew that translated into "Little by Little." (which, by the way, is the title for his soon to be released new album.) He combined the two and the song became "Little by little may all your sweet dreams come true." This particular story jumped off the stage and spoke deeply to my soul. I knew it was to become a part of me. I doubt any of you noticed, but I've added it to the top of my blog. It used to say, "Humor and Introspection from the Suburbs of Philly." Now it says, "Little By Little All Your Sweet Dreams Come True." This is my truest belief for us all.

Here is Tommy Emmanuel's version of "Amazing Grace." I hope this adds to the joy of your weekend.
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