Hugs and Kisses Gumball Machine

Hi friends! First I just wanted to say thank you SO much to all you sweet girls for making me feel like I'm not alone on the momma guilt wagon last week! Your thoughts and kind words were so encouraging and I realized 2 things:

1. I don't need to be so hard on myself all the time and
2. I shouldn't write blog post while under the influence of heavy medication.
'Nuff said. bout a little PINK to perk you up?! This was the perfect little project for me this weekend to get me out of my *rut*...I mean how can chocolate not heal you?!

Want to whip up one of these for yourself, or a friend or neighbor? Here ya go!

I found this idea through Pinterest, and it's originally from the blog Dandelions and Dust Bunnies, but when I saw it I thought a Valentines version would be so cute!

-4" terracotta pot ($1-Michaels)
-terracotta saucer(.79-Michaels)
-glass bowl ($1-dollar store)
-wooden doll head ball (.25-Michaels)
-1 bag of Hershey hugs and kisses (about $2.50-Walmart)
-Spray paint in color of choice (already had mine, but it's about $3 a can at Home Depot for the Rustoleum brand-my FAVORITE!!)

First I painted the pot, saucer and ball pink. I almost went with red for the "gumball machine" (like I was shakin' it up getting ready to spray my pot and almost had to flip a coin because I couldn't decide), but decided I wanted it to be a little more light and flirty, so I went with Rustoleum's Sweet Pea-eeeek love!

I used some scrapbook stickers I already had in silver and red (purchased from Hobby Lobby) to write out
Hugs & {kisses} on the pot (and make sure to flip the pot upside down!).

Then I just used some E6000 to glue the glass jar to the upside down pot, filled it with some hugs and kisses and tied a pink, grosgrain ribbon bow around the middle.

Then I glued the wooden ball to the underneath side of the saucer and stuck the "lid" on the top of the glass bowl (I guess you could glue the lid to the bowl but I chose not to-I have to be able to access my chocolate! :) )

And that's it! A little something simple and cute to add to your decor, or a cute gift to give to a friend!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I'm so so SO happy you're here! Talk to you soon!!
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Mom Guilt.

Mom Guilt.

This week I feel like I've done nothing. Well you know...

I saved superman by gluing his arm back to his body,
I found Rapunzel's long lost shoe-underneath a slice of stale cheese...which was left inside the play kitchen refrigerator for what I would guess (from the texture and color) to be at least 3 days old,
I built a lego batcave in no less than 1 hour,
I attended a dance recital in my living room where the dancer danced to 'Jingle Bells' (a Christmas cd that got left out of the christmas box) over and over and over,
and I'm pretty sure at one point I made a pretty dang good pot of Macaroni & cheese so you know...
it wasn't nothing exactly.

But I've been SO sick this week that I feel like a literal BUMP on a LOG! I look at my house and I just cringe! I look at my laundry piled up to way past overflowing, my kitchen sink full of dishes that I just have no desire to empty, the toys just pushed off to the sides of the room so the kids could go to bed because the thought of having to actually clean their rooms makes me want to dive into a cave, and I look at those 2 little faces and I just feel...guilt.

I didn't play with them enough, I didn't want to crawl out of bed to play princesses and pretend I'm the evil queen that locked the princess in the dungeon, I let them watch hours and hours of TV,-and the fact that I can't even put a number on those hours because I honestly don't know- makes me feel even more guilty.

Even though the hubby's good to try to relieve me of my guilt by telling me that it's okay our kids know all of the characters on spongebob square pants (seriously? dumbest. show. ever.) and haven't eaten a vegetable in a week because I'm sick, I STILL feel guilty.

So by day 3 of having body aches so bad I couldn't move my neck and chills that kept me dressed like I was living outside, on the streets, in the Arctic, and a sore throat that completely obliterated all attempts to break-up fights between the littles because all I could do is whisper (and seriously whisper??...I wouldn't even take me seriously.), I crawled out of my bed because of GUILT. And I played, and I laughed-in a freaky ghost movie kinda way-and I drove kids to preschool and dance, and made dinner, and looked for toys and turned off the TV and worked on reading and writing with them, and read every library book we have (and yes, they are 2 weeks over-due glad you asked!) and woke up to do it all over again the next day. Why?!?!

Mom Guilt.

I think, especially as woman-and I think this is true even if you don't have kids yet-we are so hard on ourselves. We think we have to know how to sew and cook and bake and have a doctorate and never yell at our kids and serve our neighbors and fulfill religious obligations and be an attractive wife with dinner on the table at 5:00 and be in perfect shape and have children that behave like angels and be running at full speed even if we're sick. :) Not ONLY do we have to do all those things, we have to do ALL of them perfectly, ALL the time.

Why do we put all that unnecessary pressure on ourselves?! Is the Woman Police going to come arrest us for not sewing every clothing item our children wear, or for not baking the perfect pie for our sick neighbor, or for weighing an extra 5 lbs because we love cheeseburgers? I think I must think that because I worry about not being able to accomplish all the things I want to do. So I have to focus on this thought:

I can do everything I want to do. Just not right now. One thing at a time.

I think that's why finding balance, and making sure I'm doing other things with my time besides crafting and blogging, has been so important to me this past month. AND I think that's why this week has been so hard because I've been trying to be the perfect mother and I let mom guilt take over when I should have embraced the few ways I was being a good one (like when I turned OFF spongebob-chalk that up for a winner mom moment! go me!)


Sorry for the very real, un-edited, edition of the Angela brain dump today. I think I'll feel better next week. :) And I've got a few projects on the docket for the weekend so I'll be sharing those next week! Have a great weekend!
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'Heart-FELT' Wreath

Once upon a time there was a boy.
He was smart and CONFIDENT and had a serious case of mackdaddyness.
He had a fabulously romantic, fLaShY job at The Shack...Radioshack.
He liked computers and cars and Napoleon Dynamite.
He met a GIRL. He fell in love.

Once upon a time there was a girl.
She was blonde and FLIRTY and had a serious case of single-itis.
She had a fabulously romantic, fLaShY job at The Shack...Radioshack.
She liked fakin' bakin', dancing and going out.
She met a BOY. She wasn't sure.

He KISSED her. She laughed at him.
He played hard to get. It worked.
She fell in love.
They dated. They broke up.
They dated.
He sat next to her on her little brothers bed, held her hand, and asked her to be his FOREVER.
She said no.
He cried. She cried.
He left.
She changed.
He asked her again.
She said YES.

7 1/2 years, 2 kids, and thousands of kisses later they are still in love and she still wants to be his forever. Sometimes he's not so sure. (ha ha just kidding-I hope!!!)

Love. Such a small word that holds so much meaning it can make you experience every emotion the human body can feel.

I know some people detest Valentines day, but for me it's one day a year I can SHOWER my family with love. I hope I show them everyday how much I love them, but I will happily take one extra day to be ridiculously, over-the-top, mushy, gushy and lovey!

I love LOVE! I love hugs and kisses and hearts (as you've probably noticed that's what's been used in all my decor!) and that I get to decorate with those things one month a year! When I saw this Valentine Heart last year on The Idea Room I was inspired to make my own little version...

Amy uses a heart styrofoam form, but my craft store was sold out so I just picked up a block of styrofoam and Mr. Sweet Love cut me out a heart shape. :)

I used about 1 billion more felt circles that what's pictured below. Ha ha! Seriously...SO many felt circles!

I did this before I was blogging so I don't have any step-by-step pictures for this one, but I made another felt wreath for Halloween, and I did a detailed tutorial that you can find here. (And a Fall one here.)

Amy also just did a solid red felt, but I got a little crazy and did red, hot pink and light pink.

It ended up being more long and narrow, than wide but I like that it fits kinda snuggly right up into my window frame. :)

What about you? Do you detest Valentines day or are you a sucker for love? Either way I'll still love you! :) Hope you're having a great week, thanks so much for stopping by!!

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Turning Point - UPDATED

Most days are simply continuations of the day before or a subtle lead in to tomorrow. But some days are turning points. Today is one of those days.

Last night, not long after midnight, I finished edits on my new manuscript. A huge psychic weight lifted off off my shoulders. (As any writer knows, it's the next best thing to writing, "The End!") I played a game of Spider Solitaire in celebration, promised myself a Grand Marnier in the near future, and headed up to bed. At 6AM I got back up. I hadn't slept a wink.

I did, however, feel a cold coming on. At first I thought it was allergies, but instead of subsiding, the sneezes, stuffiness, and itchy eyes progressed. I haven't been sick, even with a slight cold, in almost three years.

The day after I got married, I was struck with a high fever. After all the planning and gown buying and reception-hall-picking and as-close-to-perfect-as-possible-wedding-celebrations were over, my body gave in.

That was a turning point. 

And so is this.

I'm adeptly in tune with my body, as I think many people (read: women) are. The slightest ache or weakness is noted and carefully monitored by my inner doctor. Almost always, the ache or perceived rise in temperature passes, and my inner doctor relaxes and reverts to "on call" status. My body is again giving in, but not due to the beginning of a marriage.

My attorney emailed me this morning asking me to sign a document. I clicked on the page and saw, "Affidavit of Consent."

 The marriage of the Plaintiff and Defendant is irretrievably broken. 

October 2010
I will be signing my name on a divorce decree after 27 years of marriage. 

A turning point like few others.

I know what you're thinking: Get plenty of rest and push the fluids.

That's exactly what I plan to do. And, then I'll hold my head high, put one foot in front of the other, and proudly walk forward into my new unimaginable future. 

Laurie (my sister) & Peter's Wedding. 10.01.11 Centennial, CO
(Special thanks to my family, friends, and Bob Shelton for making that future possible.)

EPIPHANY: In regards to this post, a friend of mine wrote on FB: "I always got sick right after nationals. Means you've done great things, lady." She was a talented swimmer in HS. Interesting viewpoint, given it took me an entire year to complete my novel and am now dealing, in a more serious way, with the end of a LTR. Pushing yourself forward through the eye of a life-changing needle is like giving birth. Right now I'm in psychic labor, and the aches, pains, stuffy head, and sore throat are what I must feel to give birth to a new life...mine.

*I love that I found an art gallery to represent this post. Artistic expression, in all its' facets, is one of the things I'm most committed to at this turning point in my life.
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DIY Valentine Candy Jars

Well I promised you a little XOX, and the only thing that can make LOVE sweeter is...candy right?! So today I've got a quick-SO easy-DIY candy jar craft!

I started with 3 glass canisters from Hobby Lobby (I bought them when they were 50% off so they were only $2 each), 3 candlesticks (from the thrift store .50 each), pink and white valentine taffy from the dollar store and red vinyl.

I spray painted the lids of the canisters black (they were originally silver) as well as the candlesticks and glued the jars to the candlesticks using E6000. Then I filled the jars with candy, cut the letters XOX out of red vinyl using my cricut and stuck them on the jars. Done!

If you were in the crafty blogging world last year there is no way you missed Amy's post-from The Idea Room-on her Tissue Paper Rosette Balls (or kissing balls). It BLEW up the blog-o-sphere and I for one am a big fan of riding on bandwagon's so I whipped up a few for myself!

Amy's tutorial is perfect so since there's no need to re-invent the wheel, I'll just tell ya I used:
-3" Styrofoam balls (a pack of 6 for about $4 from Hobby Lobby)
-a roll of white and pink crepe paper ($1 each)
-100% of my patience (felt like I should have been paid $100 an hour)
-1 bag of peanut butter m&m's (.79)
-and a few dozen episodes of Modern Family (priceless)

I love these so much I'm almost tempted to whip up a few more...except it wouldn't be whip up it'd be...pull my hair out, 500 3rd degree glue gun burns, 500 lots more m&m's...ya I'll think I'll just keep it as is. :)

Anyone shocked I haven't shared my Valentine wreath with you yet?! Don't worry it's already made and hung and made of...felt! (surprise surprise :) ) Aaaaand I'll be sharing it soon! Have a wonderful Monday all you Lovelies!

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DIY Valentine Framed Artwork

Haaaaapy Friday my friends!! Can you believe we're already heading into the end of January?! With the kind of weather we're having in my neck of the woods it feels more like spring than winter (which is TOTALLY A-OK with me!) since we've had hardly any snow this year (in comparison to years past-compared to...Texas we'd be a winter wonderland :) ).

Okay so I'm pretty darn tootin' excited to show you a project I created last year for Valentines day. It was before I was blogging, but I was thinking about starting a blog last Feb. so thankfully I do have some step-by-step pictures for you if you're interested!

It's not very often that I do a project without completely copying a tutorial I find on a blog or Pinterest, and it's even less rare for me to come up with an idea all on my own, so I'm pretty proud of the fact that I thought of this just by sitting in my garage starring at a tub of old "house decorating stuff".

DIY Valentine Framed Artwork

The supplies I used were old picture frames, scrapbook paper, vinyl, square glass coasters, and E6000 glue.

First I picked 3 different size picture frames, took the glass out and spray painted each of the frames black.
Then I came up with 3 different Valentine phrases I wanted to use for each picture
-LOVE me tender
-Be My Valentine
-Save the Date: 02-14

I had 10 square glass 'picture' coasters (the kind you can slide a small 2x2 size picture into) just collecting dust, so I came up with a different layout for each frame with my coasters and phrases and got to work.

For the 'LOVE me tender' frame, I cut the words 'me tender' out of black construction paper using my cricut and used double sided tape to tape each letter to the scrapbook paper (from Hobby Lobby).

I cut 2x2 squares from pink cardstock and cut the letters L-O-V-E out of black vinyl (using the cricut) and placed one letter in the center of each cardstock square.

After I slide them into the picture pocket on the coaster I used E6000 to glue them where I wanted them onto the glass for the frame and let it dry/harden overnight.

Then I just slid the scrapbook paper behind the glass put the frame back on and I had my own customized Valentine artwork!

I followed the exact same steps for the other 2 pictures, just changing up the phrases and placement of the coasters on the glass.

The 'Save The Date' and 'Saint Valentines Day' are cut from construction paper and the hearts, and numbers are cut from vinyl.

I pretty much do not do a craft without adding some sort of bling-a-ling to it! :) For this frame I added a couple white rhinestones to the letters V, N & E (on the outside of the glass) to give it a little something different.

And remember, even if you don't have a cutting machine you can always just use scrapbook stickers to get the same look!

You could get really personal and creative with these if you used phrases you share just with your husband or kids that are special to you. What a meaningful craft this could be! Wish I would have thought of that last year, but I still like the way these turned out!

Next up...a little XOX. ;) See ya soon!

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Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Sitting in my study editing my manuscript, I hear the tick tock, tick tock of time passing by. As the 100-year old clock that belonged to my grandmother arouses my consciousness, I'm made aware of the tiny fraction of time I have left here on Earth.

As each second clicks by, I wonder...

Have I accomplished what I set out to?
Am I where I thought I'd be/wanted to be at this point in my journey?
Am I holding grudges that prohibit me from powerfully moving forward?
Have my dreams shifted purposefully or faded away?
Do those in my life know how deeply I love them?
Am I allowing the artist in me to be fully expressed?
Have I apologized to the people I've wronged?
Am I dancing in the rain or running for shelter?
Am I lifting others up and helping them reach their potential?
Do my children know their presence in this world is my greatest gift?
Will I make the most of the time I have left?
Will I have the courage to live the rest of my life in accordance with my values?
At every tick of the clock, am I being the truest expression of me?
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Ballerina Birthday Party

I'm SO sorry this is getting posted a day late! I've got an extra {cute} 3 year old running around my house this week, and now I'm seeing what it'd be like to have a 4 year old and twin 3 year olds all under the same! Let's just say I'm not getting quite as much done as I usually do ;).

Buuuut I am so so so so so excited to show you what I've been working on the last week and over the weekend because our Ballerina Party was a complete success!!

Like I mentioned before, little miss K turned 3 and for her first 'friends party' requested it be a Ballerina party. Oooohhhh I couldn't have loved putting this together more!

Since I won the 'procrastinator of the year' award in 2011 (awarded to me by myself of course...anybody else have one of these trophies layin' around?) I thought...why change my ways? In some weird, completely irrational way, I work better under pressure so I put myself in a tiny box of 6 days to plan, create and execute this party. Whew! And I have to say, I only had one meltdown (day of party...I'll explain) so I'm gonna go ahead and chalk that one up for the win category. Booyah!

First I started off with the invites. Of course when it was 5 days, 23 hours, lots of minuets and counting, I had to turn to my dear creative friend Pinterest for ideas and boy did she come through!

I took the idea for the invite from THIS blog and came up with my own little rendition of a Ballerina invite. On the blog I found she has a step by step video you can watch if you're really interested in making one, but here are a few of the pictures I took making a simple ballerina dress using:
-cardstock bodice form (free template found here)
-square of tissue paper
-thin, white ribbon
-double sided tape

After you have folded your square of tissue paper accordion style, you use your double sided tape and adhere it to the front of your bodice attaching the tape right at the waist. You'll want to make sure the folds are spaced evenly to get a pretty skirt form.

The tape should be about 2" so that you have enough to have some on the back.

Turn the dress back to the front and fold down the top half of the tissue paper. Then kinda smoosh (my spell check is telling me that's not a word, but since it's quite possibly the best word in the English language I'm gonna have to rebel) the tissue paper lightly with your finger-you don't want to flatten it completely, just smooshed down enough that the top layer will lay nicely (yet poofy) over the top of it.

Next, f0ld down the top layer of tissue paper and gently give it a little crease to secure the fold.

Now, using the tape on the back of the bodice lay the middle of your ribbon across it.

Turn it over and tie the ribbon into a bow and you're done!

I then used a piece of double-sided tape to attach the dress to the invite.

The invite itself, is a 6x4 pice of light pink cardstock. I used brown ink to darken up the sides and a strip of white ribbon, layered with sheer pink and white polka dot ribbon, across the top. I had some brown scrapbook stickers on hand so just layed a letter K on top of the ribbon for little miss K. I finished it off with 2 hole punches on the top and a matching pink/white polka dot ribbon run through.

The back of the invitation had all the party information:

Then it was time to decorate! On the front door I hung little miss's ballet shoes, using white grosgrain ribbon, behind the coffee filter wreath I had out for Christmas.

I loved the simple little touch adding something personal to her added to the party!

Inside I opted to decorate, balloons and food!! I wanted the atmosphere to be frilly, soft, pretty and GIRLY! I went with pink and white for the colors of the party with pops of yellow! I'm a "pop" kinda girl. Two colors just bores me, I have to have something that says, "HELLO!" ha ha!

Using the tutorial found here, from All Things Thrifty, I made these tissue paper pom pom balls to hang from the ceiling, and I have to say I was really disappointed with how they turned out.

The tute wasn't super specific-as far as telling you what kind of wire to buy-so I bought something that was too thick (thanks to the advice from the cashier at Michaels-boo) and the tissue paper didn't bend and fold right because of it SOOOO I didn't get the look I was going for, but it was alright.

My tip to you...the thinner gauge craft wire the better! I would suggest maybe a 24 or 26 gauge.

But back to the food table...the main event of course! :)

Starting on the right donuts!

Okay they weren't totally pink because apparently to get custom iced donuts you have to place an order (procrastination rocks) so I bought every single donut they had with pink anywhere on it!

Above that we had cotton candy (I hate cotton candy, but love the fluffy texture for the purposes of a party! And 2 dollar store bags filled 10 cones!)

I made the paper cones for the cotton candy using a sketch my husband came up with that made a cone shape and scalloped scissors to trim the edges (can I admit that for the life of me I could not draw a 3d cone shape that worked?! Geometry was NOT my subject. I did however pass cheerleading so...whatev.)

In the back corner I placed a bouquet of yellow, white and pink flowers in a pink vase I found at the thrift store months ago! I added 4 pink rhinestones to the top and white ribbon around the middle and pretended they were just for me.

Going up the center of the table were glass bottles of kiwi strawberry (snapple) juice that I added a slice of lemon to and a yellow straw (smoothie straws so they're thicker-from Walmart). And to tie in the strawberries on the cupcakes, I added a bowl of sliced strawberries in the center as well.

Worst moment of the day. My meltdown. Over cupcakes. But first I'll give you the good news. I made a cute cupcake stand for the birthday girls' cupcake (idea from I heart Naptime)!!

I started with a glass candlestick from the dollar store, a .50 wood piece from Hobby Lobby, some clear gloss paint and yellow paint from Rustoleum. I always spray paint my glass with some sealer first so that the spray paint sticks to it better. And then spray painted them both yellow.

Using some scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, I cut a circle the size of the top of the wood circle and mod podged it on.

Then I used E6000 to glue the candlestick to the wood.

And because it was in some serious need of frillyment, I added pink adhesive rhinestones around the edge of the circle and a little ribbon bow around the candlestick.

Back to the tragedy. Baking. WHY do I try?! Why?!

And the worst part is...I didn't even bake them. Mr. Sweet Love did!

I left the "icing" of the cupcakes till the day of the party because I didn't want them to get hard and crusty. Let's just say...what was supposed to be white icing, turned pink, then blue, then purple and then what can be described in the nicest words possible as 'dusty rose' pink. Then the attempted pretty icing swirls on top of the cupcakes turned into diarrhea looking blobs and the icing bag exploded 'dusty roseness' all over my hands, shirt and face. Awesome. I salvaged what sugar mess I had left and slapped it on some of the cupcakes with a knife and a grrrr, and opened the fridge to see what else I could do. I found some whip cream and some strawberries and tried to make something edible (and not completely revulting) of the ingredients that were left and still sanitary. Next time, if there IS a next time, I will be buying cupcakes. Just so you know.

Moving on :). At the back of table, to add a little height, I made some pink and white lollies. (I love this tutorial for making lollies if you're interested!) This one is a 3...for her 3rd bday.

And this one has her name and some sticker ballet shoes (from Hobby Lobby).

To make the pots, I just picked up 2 medium size ones from Micheals (.89 each) and spray painted them white. I stuffed some green styrofoam floral filler in the bottom of each pot and topped with yellow lemonhead candies. The lollies are attached (with double sided tape) to a skewer and stick right into the green floral stuff inside the pot. So simple but I love how much they add to the table!

On the left side of the table I had pink popcorn (white stove top popped popcorn with white chocolate (turned pink using food coloring) drizzled over the top of it) in little popcorn boxes I made, using this template, some scalloped scissors to trim the edges, and then tied a pink satin ribbon around the box.

The stands that the popcorn and cotton candy are sitting on were made from dollar store platters and candlesticks. Take a plastic platter...

...and a glass candlestick and use E6000 to glue together. LOVE the fun color possibilities of this by just using different color cans spray paint!

In the back left corner I added a candy jar I made for my Easter decorations last year. It's just a dollar store candlestick (I swear by these!) glued (using E6000 of course!) to a glass jar I found at a thrift store for $1, that I had spray painted yellow and then filled with pink candies. You could use gumballs, but since it's around Valentines they had lots of pink candies to choose from!

And last but not least, some PINK rice krispie treats! I was going to make my own from this recipe, but luckily it's valentines so they had boxes of these already made and they were cheaper than 1 box of rice krispies cereal!! Deal!

I really love how the whole table came together!

We have a fairly small kitchen-for party throwing anyway!-so I had to set up 2 card tables in the center of the kitchen to eat at. It was a tight squeeze but 3/4 year olds are pretty tiny so it worked ok.:)

I added another vase of flowers to the table, as well as pink plates, white napkins, white dollies, and wands (all purchased from the dollar store!) for each Ballerina.

My FAVORITE thing on these tables though, were the water bottles and the little bowls of lemonheads. Those little "pops" of yellow made me ridiculously happy.

I had the lemonade for the girls over on the food table, but I know some kids are pretty picky about what they eat/drink, so I decided to add some water to the tables and used the mini water bottles (8oz) and strips of yellow polka dot paper.

Just in case the magic of how to adhere paper to a water bottle blows your mind :) just place double sided tape on one end of the paper, stick it to the bottle, wrap it around the bottle and place another piece of tape on the end of the strip and attach it to the bottle.

My other favorite (can I have another favorite?!) thing were the placecards I made for each little ballerina. I pretty much exactly copied the one I found here. When the party was winding down I had the idea to double the use of the placecards and use them as thank you cards as well!

Since it was just cardstock folded in half, I just quickly opened up the placecard, wrote a thank you and stuck them in their favor bags before I handed them to the parents. I love getting more than one use out of things.

I love how the party turned out and little miss K was in absolute HEAVEN, but there are a few little details I had planned on doing that I just didn't have time to get done (maybe next time I'll give myself a 7 day window instead of 6...probably not). Like I would have loved to make a cute Happy Birthday pennant banner to hang on the food table and I wanted to make ballerina cupcake toppers (the same ballerina dresses that were on the invites, just stick a toothpick to the back of them to stick in the cupcake) and matching tutus for all the girls, but as the week was coming to a close I had to pick a few dreams to let go of. sigh. If only...ha ha! But you probably wouldn't have even noticed those things if I hadn't said them!

**Just in case you're trying to gather some ideas for your own ballerina extravaganza here are some of the games/activities we did (our party was an hour and a half)**:

1. As the guests arrived we decorated foam tiaras (from the dollar store) with princess stickers, glitter glue, markers, etc.
2.After doing cake, treats and presents we played 'Ballerina says'. Like Simon says, but Ballerina says twirl, jump, hop,etc. and if a player does an action when ballerina doesn't say they have to sit down.
3.Then we played Ballerina Relay.
split the group into 2 teams. Have a basket of princess stuff on one end of the room (opposite to where the 2 teams are lined up). Each basket should have an item for each member of the team. You could use princess dresses, shoes, necklace, ring, purse, feather boa, tiara, etc. The first person on each team runs to the basket puts on an item and has to run back to their team. They then remove whatever item they put on and the next person in line has to put that item on, run back to the basket and add a new item. Repeat until all items have been put on and the first team to empty their basket wins.
4. Next to calm them down a bit we played a fairy trivia game. I had a list of 10 questions about different princess/fairy movies or stories and whoever got the answer right got one m&m.
5. Then we made candy bracelets. I used twizzler pull aparts for the bracelet form and a few different candies that had holes in the center (lifesavers, gummy lifesavers, sour lifesavers, wintergreen lifesavers, etc.) to slide on the bracelet.
6. Then we played freeze dance where we turned on some ballet music (using Pandora) and whenever the music stopped they had to freeze. If you don't freeze you have to sit down. We had little girls that didn't quite understand this so mostly we just kept dancing when the music was on and when it turned off we'd wait for everyone to freeze before we turned it back on again.

I think the girls had a really good time and they loved that they got to dance with their wands throughout the party AND take them home! Yay for girly parties and YAY for it being over! ha ha!

Happy Birthday my beautiful Kylee, I hope all your wishes come true!!

I promise my next post will have some valentine goodness!!! Have a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by!!

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