Breaking Through

And... I'm in! Yes, it's true. I live in a new place. A place with beautiful hardwood floors, a tumbled marble back splash, brilliant artwork, and glorious views of nature. I also have a new place to write. A place I call my "study." A place where, today, I added nearly 1400 words to my wip.

What makes a new house a home? Love. Plain and simple. And, I've got that, too. I'm lucky and grateful and can barely express my thanks to those who fill my life with love. From breakdowns, come breakthroughs. The trick is letting the breakthroughs break through.

Here are a few pics of my humble new abode. Grab a drink, put your feet up, and make yourself at home. Life is short. Live it.

Dream. Love. Dance. Create. Rejoice. Cry. Honor. Adore. Give. Receive. Heal. Be Grateful. Repeat...

Dining Room

Living Room



Front Entryway



Master Bedroom
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Sweet Tute Tuesday-Wipes Band

Every Tuesday will be Sweet Tute Tuesday here on Love Sweet Love, where I will share a new tutorial with you! This week I wanted to share with you a project I was working on last week; a wipes band I made for my sister who will be having a sweet baby girl in TWO weeks! The baby's nursery will be black and pink so I found some fun fabrics in those colors and went to it!

You might remember I also made THIS one for my sweet neighbor:

but I didn't post a tutorial with it so this time I thought I would!

The original idea came from the awesome talent of Ellie G who blogs at Less Cake More Frosting (you can find her on my side bar too!) and I kinda love these so much I can't stop making them! If you invite me to your shower, guaranteed this is what your gettin'! Want to make one too??? OK-I'll help you! I know, I'm a really great person, you should totally meet me IRL.

First gather some supplies:

  • sewing machine
  • Wipes holder (we use huggies for my little love...who needs to be potty trained I know, don't push me.)
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • safety pin
  • straight pins
  • 3" elastic-I bought mine at JoAnns
  • 1/4 yd. of fabric for the band (mine is from the H.L.)
  • scraps of coordinating fabric for the flowers (also H.L.-and if you don't know what that stands for I'm not sure we can be friends cause that place is pretty much my BF)
There's a cost breakdown at the end of this post if you're interested (hint-it's less than $5! Am I cheap? Perhaps, but I prefer thrifty! :) ) Let's get started!

First measure the circumference of your box.

Subtract about 2 inches from that number and that's how much elastic you will need because you want your band to fit nice and snug around the wipes.

If you use 3" elastic you will need double that much fabric (b/c it's getting folded around the elastic), plus about an inch and a half (to give you some seam allowance). So I cut my fabric at 7 1/2 inches wide by the entire length of the fabric (which was 44 inches-if you have 1/4 of a yard you will have enough)

Next, fold your fabric (hot dog style-wow I miss elementary school) with the wrong side facing out and the right sides facing each other. Pin it in place down the length of the fabric so you sew in a (semi) straight line.

Sew down the length of the fabric with about a 1/4 inch seam.

Turn it right side out and you should have a nice little tube!

Next, place your safety pin on the end of your elastic and insert it into one side of the open tube.

Use the pin to pull your elastic all the way through to the opposite opening in the tube. Remove pin and make sure your seam is at the top of your tube. (if it got twisted while pulling the elastic through.)

Make sure the elastic is lined neatly up with the end of your tube and sew it shut-being sure to sew the fabric and elastic together-that's what I was trying to show you in the picture; don't actually sew it pulled back like that :).

One end done!

Now pull your fabric back towards the sewn end of your tube till the elastic inside is poking out the only remaining opening. It will be all bunched up-that's correct, just make sure the seam is still on top!

To get a nice finish on this end, curve a little bit of the fabric around the elastic like so:

Put a couple pins in there if you want a straight line and sew her closed! (making sure again to sew the fabric and elastic together!)

Now you should have a tube, with elastic inside, sewn closed on both ends. Yes? Wonderful! Now bring the 2 sides together and, with your pretty finished end overlap the other end by about 1/2 an inch and sew together.

And you have a wipes band! Sorta. That seam down the middle just doesn't work for me so what's our remedy to any uncuteness?

Embellishments! I made a couple different types of flowers to show my band some Sweet Love! 2 rolled flowers, and a fabric yo-yo. (The princess crown button on the yo-yo I already had and hot glued to the center-purchased probably 6 mo. ago from the H.L.)

NOW, we are finished. Cuteness saved.

The pink rolled flower ended up being a little big so I just moved the band over to the left a little and you can still open and close the lid to the case easily without smashing or bending the flower. Yum Yum, I hope she loves it! (the baby I mean, cause she will totally care where the ice-cold wipes that make her scream come out of.)

I can't wait to gobble up every inch of that newborn baby! Here's the total cost breakdown:
*Wipes case-already had
*24 inches of 3" elastic-$1.30 (from JoAnns)
*1/4 yd. zebra print fabric-$1.22 (on sale for $4.89/yd at HL)
*1/4 yd. pink fabric-$.50 (on sale for $2.09/yd at HL. Also I only used about 1/16 of the 1/4 so I still have some left over)
*1/4 yd. black/pink fabric-$1.22 (on sale for $4.89/yd at HL. I only used about 1/32 of the fabric so I have a LOT left over)
Total project-$4.24. I don't mind buying a little extra fabric (especially when it's on sale) when I'm doing projects like this, so that I can slowly start to build up a fabric stash. I'm a brand new sewer so I gotta start somewhere!

Thank you a million times over for checking out what I got goin' on over here! It SO makes my day every time I see you here visiting, you're the greatest! Check back soon for an easy, cute accessory to accompany our wipes band!

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Winner Winner Winner!!!!

We do things the old fashion way around here, so our winner was chosen straight out of a hat! Watch the video to see if that winner is you!

For those who may not be able to watch the video for whatever reason, Love Sweet Love's first giveaway winner was Megan King! Yay Megan! Email me your address and we'll get those cards sent to you ASAP!

Also, congrats to Kelly Massman who was the winner of the cards over on CherylJuneGirl's blog!

Thanks to all those who participated, this was SO fun and I can't wait to have my next giveaway! I was going to do it when I reach 200 followers, but I don't know if I can wait that long!

I hope everyone's having a lovely Memorial Day weekend! We're off to the zoo for now, but I'll see ya back here tomorrow for a fun tutorial for our Sweet Tute Tuesday! You can find All About Me Monday here.
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All About Me Monday

Organization makes me GIDDY. I see a label on something and my heart skips a beat. Add some color and SLEEK lines and I'm done for. This blog...not organized. Driving me CRAZY? Slightly. So for my very first 'All About Me Monday' I introduce to you the proposed Love Sweet Love organization plan. Wow, I'm such a loser! ha ha! Yet somehow I'm totally ok with that. :)

I love to read blogs where I feel like I KNOW who the writer is. You know...where I can just tell it's someone I could sit in my backyard drinking lemonade with, as we chat the afternoon away about our husbands lives. So as much fun as it is to copy be INSPIRED by others craft ideas, I love to get to know them through their blogs because I find I respect their work even more and I understand where their desire to CREATE comes from, which in turn inspires me!

All About Me Mondays will be just that. A time where I'll take a little BREAK from crafting and give you a little PEEK into me. Into my life and the things that make this little ol' brain of mine TICK. Sometimes it might be a brain dump-a chance for me to unload all of the things that circle round and round in my brain till I can get it all out! Sometimes it might be about my FAMILY. Or maybe it'll be something new I've learned and want to share with you. And sometimes it might even be a craft. Whatever it is, I hope you'll have FUN getting to know me and find that you want to come pop over to my place for some lemonade-as long as you don't mind being clamored by these two:

They'd love to meet you too cause they're pretty fond of being ADORED.

But back to business...The Proposal (OMGosh-I love that movie. Please tell me you do too! I think I may go watch it as soon as we're done here) is as follows:

Mondays-All About Me Mondays
Tuesdays-Sweet Tute Tuesdays
Wednesdays-Whatever Wednesday
Thursdays-Thankful/Thoughtful Thursday
Fridays-Feature Friday
Saturday-This day belongs to my husband (sorry)
Sunday-This day belongs to my family (sorry-actually not really, it's my fav day of the week!)

You should know 3 things about that list...

1. Each days activity corresponds with the first letter of the name of that day of the week-It's part of my OCD organization. I picture all of these as labels slapped onto my day first thing in the morning and I can't help but SMILE at the beauty of it. If I could spray paint them in matching colors I would (as in Mauve Monday, Turquoise Tuesday,etc). I know I'm sick.

2. There's no description (other than the obvious labels) for each day. Throughout this week, as each day comes, in my posts I'll give a relatively short description of what that day will hold. Make sense?

3. This is not set in stone. First I am a MOTHER and a WIFE. These two responsibilities rightfully take up most of my time (and I wouldn't have it any other way!). Sometimes I will have TIME to blog and sometimes I just won't. So if you don't see a post pop up on the right day, sorry LIFE happened that day! But I promise, promise, promise I'll try and be as on TOP of things as I can be!!!

So there you have it. Blog organization at its FINEST. (or at least my finest:) ) Did you learn a little about me today?!

So come over and Read when you can, Comment when you're in the mood and Follow along if you like what you see! I hope you'll have FUN reading along with me throughout the (hopefully) many weeks to come! I'm SOOO happy you're here as a part of my little world!

Make sure to check back later today for Love Sweet Love's FIRST giveaway winner!
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