A Tricky Leprechaun Trap ;)

"As everyone knows, leprechauns hoard pots of gold, and if caught, must reveal the treasure's location to their captor." says JoEllen Mitchell from Family Fun Magazine.

Those tricky, little leprechauns sure have played US for fools over the years-turning our kitchen upside down, dying our milk green, leaving green footprints on the floor, sending us on wild and crazy scavenger hunts and even leaving green pee-pee in the toilet-GROSS!

So this year, we're fighting back! We figure they owe us some treasure after all the havoc they've wreaked in our house so we used this idea from Family Fun Magazine to make our own leprechaun trap!

JoEllen also says, "Leprechauns have big egos, so a giant version of their own hat is irresistible to them. Once they step on the false top, you'll have caught a 10-gallon prize"

Want to make one too?? You probably already have everything you need and can make one this afternoon with your kiddos! Here's how...

-Some kind of used cylinder container (the actual one I used was a rolled oats one)
-a cereal box
-a couple sheets of green felt
-a piece of black, yellow and green construction paper
-"gold" (I used Rolo wrappers)
-twigs to make a ladder
-hot glue

What to do:
1. Wrap the container with your green felt using hot glue to secure.
2. Cut a circle-I just did mine about an 1 1/2" bigger than the bottom of the rolled oats container-out of the cereal box for the bottom of the hat, and cover that with green felt as well. I just hot glued the extra felt that came over the edges onto the bottom of my cut-out circle.

3. Hot glue the top of the hat to the base.

4. Make your "belt" around the hat using a strip of black construction paper and a square of yellow placed on-top of the black. Adhere using glue or tape.

5. If you have a machine that cuts paper use it to cut out some clovers on your green construction paper(I cut about 15 in different sizes). If you don't have a machine to do this, I'm sure you could find something to this effect at your local craft store, or find an image online to print out and then cut them out manually. Then use either a small dab of hot glue, glue dots or double sided tape to adhere it randomly all over the felt.

6.To make the lid-or the trap- part of your hat, just cut a small circle of felt slightly bigger than the top of your container and it sits just right on top! A perfect place to put your bait of "gold" for those little sneaky men!

Another piece of advice from JoEllen was,"Leprechauns love to break rules. Warning signs are sure to lure them in." So we made this little lure from a popsicle stick painted green, stuck in some green play-dough with our warning to NOT climb the ladder!

JoEllen goes on to say, "Natural materials make these woodland creatures feel at home." So we used some twigs from outside and glued them together to make a tricky ladder!

Now we just sit and wait to capture our ticket to fortune! :)

I hope you're having a great week!! I have a few more St. Patty's things to share with you so I"ll be back soon!

Thanks for reading!

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Friday Funnies!

Okay yall, so it has been waaaaaaaaaay too long since we've had a 'Friday Funnies' post on here-like September!!!- and I don't know about you, but I just need a GOOD laugh to kick my weekend off to a great start! (although we did get some sunshine here today and it was sooooo nice-I even got my booty up and worked out, awesome!) So I hope it's okay with you if we interrupt our holiday crafting craziness for a day so we can share some laughs! I hope you find one or two that make you smile! Enjoy! (all of these can be found on my Pinterest Have a Laugh board.)

*I love the mom that actually went and grabbed her camera before helping her kid :)*

And my personal favorite :)...

Okay...NOW go and have a great weekend friends! I'm putting up our St. Patty's decor so I'll be back next week to share, talk to you soon!

Thanks for reading!
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Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway Winner!!!!

Good Morning! I'm so excited to announce the winner of the Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway! As always with giveaways here on Love Sweet Love, I'll let my littles do the honors...

And just in case you're in a place where you can't watch the video (although I'm pretty sure it's worth the watch since you get to see my kid almost pick his nose-don't worry I turned the camera off just in time! ha ha!) ...

Comment #26 was JODIE!!!

Congrats Jodie, email me and we'll get your stencil out to you!!

Talk to you soon friends!
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St. Patrick's Rag Wreath

Hi friends how are you?!?! Can I be a little honest with you? I have been feeling totally BLAH lately. Not like sick blah or like depressed blah, just...blah.

Like you've sat on the couch all day in your pajamas, watching reality tv, eating ice-cream blah.

Except I haven't done any of those things. I think I have to blame it on the weather. I'm one of those weird people whose mood is completely dependent on what it looks like outside. And outside it's been cloudy, rainy/snowy and COLD for over a week and so I just feel blah! Something about clouds and rain makes me feel tired and unmotivated. I need some SUNSHINE!!!

I will tell you though...I just absolutely LOOOOVED reading your 'pet peeves' as part of the entries for the giveaway last weekend! They were the little bit of sunshine to my cloudy week and they made me laugh, and most of them I was yelling at the computer, "I KNOW, ME TOO!" ha ha! So thank you for sharing those, it makes me feel like I get to know you, the readers, a little bit better instead of you always reading about me!

Okay, so I know decorating for St. Patrick's day isn't a super popular holiday to decorate for and you probably don't have a ton of clover decorations floating around your house-if any. Even though you may not want to go all out and decorate because it's just for a couple weeks in march, if you're looking for just a little somethin' somethin' to add to your house to bring a little of the 'luck' charm your way, I would suggest a wreath! And a simple one at that!!

Rag wreaths, I would say, are THE easiest, fastest and probably cheapest wreath there is to make. AND I would also say a perfect wreath for a fun, spunky holiday like St. Patrick's day, 4th of July, Halloween, etc. I found this rag wreath online last year and I loved the texture it had and knew I wanted to do something similar.

-green circle wreath form (mine is from JoAnns)
-complimentary fabric colors (for this wreath I chose 2 shades of green and some green tulle). It'll take about 1/2 yard of fabric total, so I used 1/4 of each shade of green.

(I actually made this last year before I was blogging so you'll have to excuse the poor quality pictures of the how-to :) )
1. First you cut lots of strips of fabric-mine were about 2"x9".

2. Then just start tying them around the wreath form in whatever pattern you prefer.

This is what the back of the wreath will look like.

3. When you have it as full as you like...embellish! I hung this cute little shamrock ornament from the top of my wreath (from JoAnns).

These little do-dads are St. Patrick's picks (also from JoAnns) and I just pulled the metal pick part out and hot glued them straight to the wreath. (which seems to have worked fine since they're still glued on a year later!)

I used some fun green/white st. patty's ribbon from the dollar store to hang it with. The ribbon is just pinned using straight pins to the back side of the wreath.

I know you can't see the tulle very well in these pictures, but in person it's easier to see and I love the extra little whimsical touch the tulle adds. :)

I had the tulle and lt. green fabric already on hand, and the embellishments were purchased at 50% off so the total price for this wreath came in right at about $6. Yay! But even if you had to purchase everything to make this it would be about $7/8 to make-not too shabby right?!

I don't have boxes full of St. Patrick's nick-knacks, but you know I'm pretty much obsessed with ALL holidays and celebrating them in lots of fun different ways-including decor-so over the next couple weeks I'll be sharing some fun, easy decor, party ideas, and kid activities for this fun little holiday.

Annnnnd be sure to check back FIRST thing tomorrow morning for the results of the Cutting Edge Stencil giveaway winner to find out if it was YOU! :)

Thanks for reading!
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Not Dead, Just Cruising

Some of you may have wondered if 1) I'd died or, 2) was beamed up by hot, George Clooney-like aliens. No and no. (Though, I could think of worse things than #2.) Instead, I was on vacation with my parents.

Since my writing skills seem to still be floating somewhere on the Caribbean Sea, I'll simply post some pictures.
Native Dancers in St. Kitts

Hope all is well in your worlds!

St. Kitts
St. Kitts

It's true. I have a monkey on my back. St. Kitts

St. Lucia - We Be Jammin'

View from my balcony.
Obligatory Fruity Drink Picture

Judy and Fred - Formal Night

Me & my daddy - ;-)
St. Lucia

St. Lucia

Emerald Princess
Antigua Catamaran Ride

Beautiful St. Lucia
Me zip lining in Barbados

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