Still Excited, But Sexy, Too!

Sorry, folks - there's still no word regarding my previous post. I'm not teasing, really, I just don't have any news to report yet. In the meantime...

Speaking of teasing, my crazy friend Vegas Linda Lou has nominated me for the prestigious SEXY BLOGGER AWARD! In her defense, I only met her once and it was in a dimly lit restaurant. So really, how could she know?

This is her reasoning for giving me this award:
I met Debbie Schubert last month up in Philly and man, she has the body I would have if I actually did Buns of Steel every friggin’ day like I promised a couple of weeks ago.

How she knew I work out to Buns of Steel at least five times a day, I'll never know.

In order to accept this illustrious award, I've got big-time responsibilities. I mean, they don't just dish these things out to anyone. I must list Five Sexy Things About Me! Talk about pressure! Then, I need to pass this baby along to several other sexy bloggers.

So, (in reverse order) drum roll please....

5) I sing. Some people find this very sexy. I've even had women hit on me when I sing. I don't know what it is about being a rock princess that makes people so crazy, but there it is.

4) I write songs. (See above.)

3) I write books. Actually, I don't know that this is all that sexy, but it's all I could think of.

2) I've got a great smile. Of course, my orthodontist should get the (idiot?) award for this one for agreeing to my insane choice of getting braces late in life.

1) I've got killer gams. I have my mom to thank for this particular trait. I have to be careful when I'm out in public in heels. My girlfriends and their significant others have been known to compliment me in, um, inappropriate ways. That's all I'll say on the subject.

And, now I hereby nominate the following sexy bloggers (in no particular order) for this most prestigious of awards:

1) Beth of Nutwood Junction. Her politics are right on, she loves birds, and she loves the band, "X". How sexy is that?

2) Pen Pen of Sugarspun Dreams fame. She's got a kitty named Jasmine, a gorgeous friend named Brit-Brit, and wishes she could stalk Katy Perry. Pretty damn sexy, if you ask me.

3) Vivi Alden, Cursing in Heels from Butt-Ass Cold Michigan. Vivi's the bomb. She's an awesome writer, keeps us updated on "evil calories" and thinks Rachel Ray is the anti-Christ. How sexy is that?

4) Chas of Broke But Still Drinking My token male. He's grungy, he loves to say "fuck" and he drinks tons of beer. Sexy? You be the judge.

I have many more sexy babes in my life, but these are the ones getting the award this time around. Please visit them, tell them Sexy Debbie sent you, and stalk, I mean follow them.

And don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me what makes YOU sexy!
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