Moving Forward After The Fall

Strange how sometimes life throws you a punch that you never saw coming; how it smacks you hard and knocks you down for the count. How you feel like you can't breathe, like you'll never be able to take a full breath again, like you're buried alive with no way out. Stranger how you focus on that punch and hold on to it as if your life depended on it - as if that punch and what led up to it is somehow a reflection of you; all the while hoping against hope things will change - go back to the way they were or move forward as if this ugly thing never happened.

Slowly, the proverbial clouds part, the gray skies clear, the sun begins to shine, and you get your bearings again. You see a glimmer of light and feel laughter, hope, and joy rather than tears, pain, and suffering. You realize the universe will take care of you as long as you're willing to take care of yourself. Friends, family, and even pets find ways to lift you up out of your sadness. It's a beautiful thing if you let it be. Life. Possibility. Hope. Tomorrow.

Thank you to those who have lifted me up. My love and deep gratitude can never be properly conveyed.

Perfect Dance

That night I saw you in town
Your wheels were spinning on the ground
You were out running 'round
Round and round...

Love and days pass away
Like living creatures, rippled waves
I watched you walk away
With teary eyes, blinding pain

You never understood me
I tried to tell you every little thing
In your heart, you left me
Broken, bittersweet

I begged you often not to leave
But my words didn't mean a thing
I watched you fade away
As you stepped down and out

How does a perfect dance end
Without a curtsy or a bend?
I look in to reach out
With no doubts, no doubt

You didn't understand me
I told you, but you didn't hear a thing
I thought we shared the same dream
You let me go, and now...
Now I'll set you free

How does a perfect dance end?
Without a curtsy or a bend?
How can one choose to leave behind
A dream-filled lifetime for an empty twisted rhyme?

Words & Music by, Jamie C. Keys (aka D.L. Schubert), 6.22.10

Resilient, that's what we humans are. Be grateful, courageous, and ever generous. Give away all the love you can while you're here, to yourself and others. Namaste.
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