Yo, 2010 - You Wanna Piece 'o Me? Bring it on, baby. BRING. IT. ON.

2010 thinks it's "all that" and a batch of hot, dark chocolate brownies sprinkled with powdered sugar fresh out of the oven, and I'd have to agree. Why? Because...

1) My agent and I are planning to take over the galaxy with our awesomeness or get my book published, whichever comes first.

2) Honey's training for his first marathon. Yup. 26.2 miles in Eugene, OR this coming May. BTW: what is up with that .2? 26 miles wasn't torturous enough so some genius thought it would be peachy to stick an extra .2 on at the end? Did Pheidippides of Greece piss someone off and have a cruel joke played on him? Anyway, it's been a lifelong dream of his, and he's chosen 2010 to fulfill it. Yeah, 2010 - ARE YOU LISTENING???

3) My niece, Devyn, turns 1 in September!

4) My oldest is going on a three-week tour with his band this summer.

5) My baby starts college this year. OMG, did I just say MY BABY STARTS COLLEGE this year? Holy Time Warp, Batman! 

6) I will write (at least) two more novels before the clock strikes 2011.

7) We're planning a family cruise to celebrate a couple of, shall we say, "big" birthdays...

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about... Major freaking dreams coming true!

I'm warning you, 2010. I'm on to you. Yeah, you heard me. I'm not afraid of you and your "I'm all that-ness."  

QUESTION: What are you taking on in 2010? Don't be afraid to step up to the plate and tell 2010 right to it's face. It can handle it. It's done nothing but eat killer brownies and soak in awesome for the last couple of days. 

No doubt about it. 2010 is definitely up for the challenge.

All new in 2010: Subliminal Monday! [Be there or you're a nanny-nanny, boo-boo.]

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