Are Your Readers "On the Bus?"

Short blog post, folks.

As I mentioned on SUBLIMINAL MONDAY, I've changed the POV in my novel from 3rd person to 1st. I'm 13k words in, and the change is amazing. I have Kim Franklin and Becca Fitzpatrick to thank for this change, Kim for allowing me to be a part of (and winning!) her contest give-away of the novel, "hush, hush" and Becca for writing it (thank you both!).

As I read Becca's book, I had one of those major "aha!" moments. I suppose this is part of the reason why we writers are told to always keep reading. "hush, hush" is written in 1st person POV, and my book is similar to it on several levels. I realized that by my main character telling the story rather than an anonymous 3rd person, the novel had the potential to burst forth in a more powerful and exciting way.

I (of course!) love my book, but felt it was slightly sticky and forced. This POV change has opened up a new door and allowed fresh, beautiful air to breathe new life into the characters and story. This change allows the reader, as my dear friend Julie says, to be "on the bus." By that, she means the reader is fully involved in the story, experiencing it deeply, and has a stake in the characters, their journey, and their destination.

What do you - as a writer - do to make sure fresh air is blowing through your ms and that your readers are "on the bus?" I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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