I miss you!

I. MISS. YOU. Is that weird since I don't actually know you. Well most of you anyway. I miss writing and posting and the encouragement I get from reading your sweet comments. And it's only been a little over a week since my last post, but it feels like I'm so out of the blogging loop now! ha ha!

I'm hoping to get better at this balance thing. There has to be a place between posting everyday and only once every two weeks right?! Don't worry, I'll figure it out because like I said... I miss you!!! So I've still been super busy. Like the really good kind of busy, I just haven't taken the time, like I used to, to write up a post about it every night. Instead I've been...watching movies with the hubby, going out on dates (also with the hubby :) ), spending late summer nights outside with the kidlets, having impromptu firework shows with the neighbors, sleeping (WHAT?! I know, am I getting lazy or what?!), spending the weekend with my BF that moved away, having birthday (the BIG 2-8) and anniversary (7 crazy-but good :)-years) celebrations, and reading books!!(it's been over a year since I read a book and I just finished 2 in the last week!)

Oh and during the days (cause all that was just at night) I've been turning our coat closet into my craft closet (not so sure what's going to happen come winter time ha ha!), re-doing/organizing our laundry "room" (not actually a room...more of a closet :) ), summer cleaning (sorta missed the boat on the spring cleaning oops!), and gettin' tan playing with my babies outside all afternoon!

This week my mom and sister are in town so we are having even more fun in the sun-headed up to Bear Lake this afternoon!!! But I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I haven't forgotten about you, or this blog, or your blogs! AAAANNNNDDD I do have a project I finished up a few weeks ago that I haven't shared yet because I couldn't get it exactly right, but I think I'll post it anyway later this week and see if yall can help me "finish" it. It used to look like this:

Can't wait to talk to yall soon! Have a Sweetly Lovely day!
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