The Love Shack

As I mentioned last week, The Shack...Radioshack, holds a very special place in my love story.
Without it, the BOY wouldn't have met the GIRL, and the GIRL wouldn't have ever known the difference between a red, white and yellow TV cable. And most importantly, there wouldn't be two little sweet loves that call us parentals.
Whiiiich is why The Shack become fondly known to us as...The LOVE shack.

I had been wanting to create some little valentine mailboxes, similar to this idea, that I could stick a little note or treat in for my two kiddos every day until Valentines day (starting in Feb. :) ) but I couldn't find little mailboxes like that anywhere!! I came up with a few other ideas of things I could put ontop of a candlestick to create a mailbox type project and when I saw these little birdhouses in the $1 aisle at Michaels I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Make some *Love Shacks* to house love notes for my love birds!

I love that we now have a more aesthetically appealing, meaningful object that reminds the Mr. and I of our beginnings (the old, rusted Radioshack magnet on the fridge has now met the garbage man-thank goodness!!) and we can include our kids now by making new memories with them!

I started with these 2 wood bird houses-I tried to pick one that was a little more masculine for my boy :)-and painted the one for little miss K sweet pea pink, and the one for the little Mr. metallic silver (by Rustoleum).

And because I can't just leave well enough alone, I had to add something to make them...standout. :) I have lots of glitter around my house, so I decided to add a little sparkle to the roofs of the birdhouses. I just applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the roof and poured on the glitter (this pic is from before I shook off the excess).

And then I had a craft FAIL moment. Splotchy white glitter on pink roof=hot mess.

So I had a momentary freak-out moment, ran back to my stash of glitter and re-covered the roof with ruby red. WOW! Just the bold statement I was looking for. In yo' face bird house.

Then I dug out some glittery scrapbook sticker letters to spell out "Love Shack" on the houses.

Since I couldn't really figure out a way to put a "flag" onto the side of the bird houses-like a mailbox has-I just used these heart picks I had leftover from the dollar store last year, snapped them in half, put each of my kids initials (scrapbook sticker letter) on their heart for their shack (added a little rhinestone bling to miss K's of course) and the houses were done!

I chose to go with silver, red and black colors for Tyler's shack, for ONE because my husband would have died if their was pink anywhere on his sons birdhouse (I was already treading on thin ice with that as it was :) ) and TWO, because after seeing the metallic and black together I felt okay adding GLITTER to his because it reminded of a tuxedo! That shiny metallic and black just says STUD to me, ha ha, so I added a little black "bow-tie" to the front of the candlestick I had painted black to finish off the look.

That's when I went back and added a pink bow to the roof of Kylee's shack, to add just one more touch of femininity and compliment the look of the stud standing next to her ;).

Both candlesticks were purchased from a thrift store over a year ago for .50 each (and I painted them red and black for this project), but you can find glass candlesticks at the dollar store year round! They are glued to the birdhouses using E6000.

Since the holes aren't quite big enough to stick a treat in (without losing it!), I'm just sticking a new "love note" inside for each of them everyday! They just eat this stuff up, I love it!!

So happy that 2 little buckaroo's turned into this...

I dare you not to have "Love Shack" stuck in your head all day now. You're welcome. :) Have a fantastic weekend, see you back here next week and thanks for dropping in!
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