I Have Nothing More to Say.... BWAHAHAHAH!!!! and A Certifiable Dream Come True

I was talking to my dear friend, Julie today. She was at work and I was at home doing my usual writing/editing/Twitter tinkering .

Julie: "Okay, don't say anything else interesting cause I have to get back to work."

Me: "Fine. I have nothing more to say."

We burst out laughing.

Me: "I think that may be the funniest thing I've ever said!"

Julie: "No doubt!"

And, hence, a new blog post was born...

Do you have friends like that - people you talk to when you don't think you have much to say, and the next thing you know, you've been talking for an hour? (Yes, guys, you do it, too. Admit it. It won't kill you.) Friends like these are treasures, which reminds me of a song I wrote years ago.

I'd moved to California from Colorado to pursue my musical dreams. I was feeling homesick and lonely, missing the ones I loved most in the world. My parents had sent me a diamond necklace for my 21st birthday. So, what's a lonely songwriter to do? I wrote a song. Here are a couple of verses:

I'm taking my mind to a simpler time
Trying to find the love tha
t I left far behind me...
Running back home where the snow sometimes falls,

Finding shelter i
n the arms of it all

And I'm knowing our ties won't be severed with time
That's a wonder, I'll treasure it like a diamond...in my mind
You are my diamonds, I find

So hold me closer to you, closer all the time

Know I do love you Yes, I love you all the time...

It's a simple, age-old message: treasure those you love, especially family and friends, and make sure they know it.

I had a beautiful follow-up conversation on the phone today with an agent I greatly admire. She told me she loved my writing and thinks my dialogue is funny and snappy. To hear words like that from someone who knows what good writing is, is a certifiable dream come true. I've still got work to do, and I'm looking forward to doing that work.

Whether or not this agent and I are "meant to be" remains to be seen, but I do know one thing. Don't stop pursuing your dreams. (Cue Journey: Don't Stop Believin') There are many wonderful agents out there who care deeply about the art of writing and about nurturing careers. When each of us is ready, we will find that "perfect agent" - the one who "gets" our writing and is inspired enough to go to bat for it.

Until then, hang in there, my friends! Your day, and hopefully mine, will come. Get out your laptops or notebooks and keep practicing your craft. One thing I know for certain is that successful writers have one thing in common: They write. A lot.
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