Write Much?

I've been asked by several writer friends how I'm able to write at such a great pace. Until I was asked this, I never thought of my writing pace as anything special or out of the ordinary. In fact, I always feel I can be writing more.

My "normal" daily word count is somewhere between 1500 - 2,500. Some days it's less, some days it's more. My best advice is the eloquent: BIC - Butt In Chair. I'm blessed in that I'm currently able to write full time. I have friends who work full time and still write as much as I do. They're the ones who deserve praise.

Here are my easy steps to increase your daily word count:

1) Find a story you LOVE - not one you just really like, but one you want to marry.

2) Think about it, dream about it, bore those around you silly with tiny details about something your character said or a small plot line or a description of a location. Conversation should go something like this:

You: Ohmygod! Did I tell you what Brooke said in Chapter 3? She said, and I swear this is true, she said, "Ohmygod, Danielle! Did you see Chelsea's shoes? Can you even believe anyone would wear anything like that in public? Ohmygod!"

Friend/Family Member/Stranger on the Subway: "Wow. Really?"

You: "Yes, and you know what happened when Justin ran over Taylor's little sister's tricycle? Ohmygod, it was like a total mess! He apologized like over and over again and Taylor wouldn't forgive him, and ohmygod, the whole neighborhood was in like a major war!"

F/FM/S on Sub: "Wow. Really?"

You: "Yes! And did I tell you about the paint color in Tristin's mom's living room? Tristin is Justin's best friend, by the way. Anyway, it's hunter green! No, seriously! You know that really deep, dark shade of green? Yup, that's called "Hunter." Can you believe anyone would paint their living room that color?"

F/FM/S on Sub: "Um, I guess not..."

And so on.

3) Don't think about anything else.

4) Stress about other partials/manuscripts you have out to agents.

5) Drink water.

6) Write.

7) Write.

8) Write.

9) Write.

10) Sleep. (I recommend at least 3-4 hours per night, though that's not completely necessary.)

11) Write.

12) Write.

13) Eat chocolate.

14) Watch Oprah.

15) Write.

16) Eat chocolate.

17) Write.

18) Shower. (I recommend once every other day, but again, not completely necessary.)

19) Feed your children. (Unless they're over three, in which case they can fend for themselves. They'll understand. Hell, it's your writing career we're talking about here!!)

20) Write.

21) Write while eating chocolate.

22) Write.

I hope this helps. I tried to break it down as best I could, but it's hard to remember every little detail. Let me know if this method works for you. If so, I might have to write a book about it.

Sharon Mayhew at Random Thoughts gave me this bloody lovely blog award. I say that because Sharon is English - how bloody lovely is that?

So, now I am tasked with nominating seven other worthy bloggers who must also follow the rest of the directions:

1) Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog.
2) Thank the person that gave it to you and link to their blog. (Thanks again, Sharon, you princess, you!)
3) Write 7 things about yourself we don't know.
4) Choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to.
5) Link to those 7 other bloggers.
6) Notify your 7 bloggers.

7 Things you don't know about me... (Not all may be true.)
1) I am captive to six cats and a bunny.
2) I'm a size 6, I mean 2.
3) I owned my own marketing business.
4) I have a new niece who is the most beautiful baby on earth. (PROOF)
5) I'm only 25.
6) I was Miss Universe 2001.
7) I was in a band called, "27 Dreams." (Can you say, "Big 1980's hair?!)

And now, to pass on this illustrious baton, here are 7 folks whose blogs are super-creative (and whom I've not given awards to before):

1) Literary Jules - Um, yeah. Julie Nelson is my best writer friend and she's got a super-cool new blog. You should like definitely follow her.

2) Just Jemi - Jemi Fraser rocks. She's an honest, supportive writer - excatly the kind of person you want in your corner. Plus, she's Canadian, eh? What's not to love about that? Follow Jemi on Twitter.

3) Between Fact and Fiction - Natalie Whipple is a genius. She writes. She draws. And she is recently repped by rock star agent Nathan Bransford. Just sayin'. Follow Natalie on Twitter.

4) Ruthanne Reid - Ruthanne is the consummate friend. She's all about supporting others along their path and being unduly modest about her own talents. Do yourself a favor. Check out her blog. It's filled with awesome. Follow Ruthanne on Twitter.

5) Cupcakes and Corsets - Need I say more?

6) Stephanie Damore - Stephanie is a certifiably adorable ball of writing energy. She has the chutzpah to post her query on line and let the shlubs like me critique it. She's the bomb.

7) karen...following the whispers - Down to earth, peaceful, zen-like, sweet, kind, talented, modest Karen. Follow her and her beautiful whispers.

Once again, thanks Sharon. I deeply appreciate the award. ;-)
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