Little Girl Leggings

A couple people have asked how I made the leggings for Kylee and they are SO easy. I made her 4 different pairs following the tutorial HERE.

I didn't take a picture of me making mine since the I followed the above tutorial exactly, but here they are all finished!



hot pink/light pink


Here's a picture of the "sewed" part at the top...just in case you were wondering what the tops looked like. They actually fit her from the edge of her diaper down almost to her ankle, but I guess she's grown a bit since I made them. guess I'll have to make some more! :)

I found the 4 different pairs of socks for $2 a pair at Target. I got them back in sept/oct I think and since we don't have a target here in Logan I'm not sure if they still have them for $2. If you can't find them there for that cheap I would check your dollar store-sometimes ours has an ok selection-or we have a party store here in Logan that sells knee-high socks for $1.50 each.

I made these back before I had my "real" sewing machine, so I promise you anyone can do these and I think they're super cute and different from the solid colored ones that you can buy at Walmart, or wherever. Patterned leggings usually run anywhere from $10-15 so making these will save lots of money. And even if you don't have a girl they would make a great gift for someone who does!
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