Clarity - The Crystal Ball of Life

Clarity. What is it, really? Is it like a crystal ball garnering the ability to see things clearly? An "aha!" moment? Being sober? And how does it show up in life and in your writing?

In life, we have treasured moments where the clouds part and things seem to magically make more sense. Maybe it's a question we've been mulling over or perhaps seeing someone we love in a new light, without our preconceptions and "truths" mixed in. Whatever it is, it is a freeing feeling - like you've taken a pair of sunglasses off and can see the true, bright colors in everything and everyone around you; like you're diving into a cool, refreshing pool on a hot, summer day.

When you're writing, do you seek clarity? Do your characters understand what's going on around them and why? Or is there a murkiness which dulls the senses and leaves the characters and readers wondering what's really up, or worse, not caring? Whether you're writing a true mystery or not, there should always be questions, doubts, a sense of anticipation for the reader. Leaving the reader on edge is a positive thing. But, as a writer, do you have the clarity to see the "big picture" and create the world you imagine? Are you able to bring the reader into the mystery so they wonder what will happen next or what a certain character's motivations are? Do you have the clarity to keep your readers turning the pages?

When you write a story, you are the master of that particular world. The more you know about your characters and plot, the more brilliantly you can bring that world to life. And, in life? The more clarity you have regarding your own motivations, the more adeptly you will be in navigating a happy, healthy life. Are you seeing those you love with your shades on, or do you allow their bold, beautiful colors to fully shine through?

For me personally, I realize I've been seeing things through rose-colored glasses; wanting life to be a way other than it is; wanting people in my life to act differently than they do. But life is not one of my stories. Those in my life are not characters in my books. They are masters of their own worlds. I can not force them to act in ways I wish they would, and that is actually the good news. It's how the world operates. It's the way things are. I am the master of how I think and act, not of how others do.

The glasses are slowly coming off, and I'm starting to see the world around me in a clearer, more honest light. Instead of the fear and anxiety I thought I'd find, I feel freer and lighter and more sure of myself. Clarity breeds honesty which breeds a truer, deeper sense of self and reality. On many levels, I'm learning this for the first time and it is a beautiful lesson, indeed.

What are your thoughts on clarity? Have you ever had an "aha!" moment that changed your life? What about in your writing? How does clearly seeing the big picture effect your stories?
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