PARANORMALCY by the Mighty, Mighty Brilliant Kiersten White

Last night I did something I've planned on doing for a long time but couldn't. I went to my local Border's (where I spend WAY too much time and money!) and bought a copy of PARANORMALCY.

Why couldn't I do it sooner and what the heck is PARANORMALCY, you ask? Well, I couldn't do it sooner, because it was just released Tuesday, and "it" is a brilliant YA debut by the mighty funny, mighty brilliant, sweet, adorable, uber-awesome (and irritatingly young) Kiersten White.

Kiersten, along with her brilliant agent, Michelle Wolfson, have created a monster. It's a gorgeous, blonde-haired, paranormal monster named EVIE. Actually, Evie's not a monster at all, but she has monstrously awesome powers.

I'm proud to know Kiersten from the blogosphere and Twitter, and can now say, "I knew her when." As my friend, Julie Nelson said, "Kiersten's success is everyone's success," and for those of us who "know" Kiersten, that is true. We all feel a sense of pride in her well-deserved success.


Here I am at Border's joyfully locating and purchasing my very own copy of PARANORMALCY. See how easy it is? Anyone can do it, really. And, do you see how happy I look? You could be that happy, too.

So, join me in wishing Kiersten the best of luck with her debut novel, and do yourself a favor - go out and buy a copy of PARANORMALCY ASAP!
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