Merry Christmas {and a Happy New Year!}

Well friends it's that time. Mr. Sweet Love is DONE with his finals. This semester has been the hardest semester he's had at school, which consequently means it's been the hardest semester for our family (and yep we live our lives semester by semester. every 4 months we change our routine, our schedule and sometimes where we live! Who else knows how that is?!?!) which is why you can imagine that I am SOOOOO excited this next semester will be our LAST semester of school eveeeeer!!!

There are actually A LOT of benefits of having a husband still in school when I take the time to really think about it and count our blessings (versus being grumpy that he is studying ALL the time :) ) but my absolute favorite thing about being married to a student, is that we actually GET a Christmas break. THREE whole weeks of a husband, daddy, laundry connoisseur, chef, movie buddy and snuggle time. (okay I made that last one up just to make the hubby squirm) But really I can't even relay to you in words that are in the English language how happy I am that we have three weeks of peace and a stress free life! Being that this is our last semester of school I don't forsee having 3 straight weeks of 'hey what you wanna do?...I don't know, what do you wannna do?...I don't know, what do you wanna do?" ever again, so I'm going to take advantage of this time with my family and sign off the blog until January when Mr. Sweet Love's locked back up in the library.

I have about 4 other Christmas projects I did that I wanted to share with you, but just didn't have the time to post about so I guess those'll have to wait till next year-sorry! Instead we'll be...having family here, celebrating my little girl's 3rd birthday, wrapping presents-after I finish buying them!!!, finishing our '12 days of Christmas' for our neighbor, going to Salt Lake City to see the lights on temple square, baking our eyeballs out, going to a couple movies (my favorite way to waste money! :) ), and lots and lots of sleeping {and snuggling}!

Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours.

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