No Big Deal, Only... The Purpose of Life

Tis the Season to Reflect. 

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend, and we're in the midst of the holiday season. In honor of time passing and days celebrated, here's a post I wrote a few months back on the purpose of life. 

Good tidings to all!

I've got some good news, folks. I figured it all out! The search for a purpose, motivation for living, reason for the rhyme is so much easier than we thought: We are here to be awed by our own and each others' divinity.

If it's that simple, why is happiness so elusive?
Because we humans love to complain. We don't have enough. We're not rich enough, smart enough, good looking enough, respected enough, or loved enough. We wish [insert friend or relative here] acted differently. We wish certain things did or didn't happen. Wah. Wah. Wah. Poor, sad us. What's the point to all of our suffering and why is it so damn hard to be happy?
It's hard to be happy because we think everything needs to make sense!
Our purpose is not to understand, but to experience. We're here to love and be loved, to learn and to teach, to laugh and to cry, to amaze and be amazed. We're here to feel joy and anger, ecstasy and sadness, attraction and rejection. We are here to create, appreciate, and forgive.  

Good Life/Bad Life. It's your call.
We've been granted a brief span of time here on Earth, and what we do with it is our choice. We can be cruel or kind, compassionate or uncaring, generous or stingy, selfish or selfless. We can manifest our gifts, challenge ourselves, and listen closely, or we can ignore our talents, be lazy, and remain deaf to the needs of others. Your choices determine the quality of your life. Don't eff it up. 

What rocks your world?
My soul speaks through art. Writing music and books is how my soul communicates. Music, dancing, books, paintings, sculptures, and great acting move me in ways I can't explain. Other things that rock my world: Spending time with family and friends, delicious meals, CHOCOLATE, red wine, meditation, travel, and healthy living. FIGURE OUT WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP & DO THOSE THINGS OFTEN!

My Greatest Gifts.
My kids, my boyfriend, embraces from those I love, the sound of the waves, the purr of my cats, my health, the health of those I love, enlightening conversations, inspiring music, the words, "I love you," a good laugh...  

These are not just things I enjoy about my life. These things ARE my life. These are some of my greatest gifts, and for that and so much more, I am profoundly grateful.

What NOT to do.
Don't let a moment slip by unnoticed. Don't pass up a chance to kiss your children. Don't miss an opportunity to express your love. Don't let a kind word be left upon your lips. 

Live your life like your life depends on it.
In honor of this precious life I've been given, I hereby promise the following: To practice being gracious and grateful; joyous and generous; playful and powerful; creative and kind.  

I will allow myself and others to make mistakes! I will take honoring and thanking and appreciating and loving to a whole new level.

That's what I realized today. What about you?
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