Hooray, Oy Vey, I'm Writing YA! (Sucky title/poem for like a MAJORLY important post!)

Those of you who know me may be shocked by the title of this post, and justifiably so. But, it's not a teaser to make you click on my blog to increase my stat hits thereby boosting my ego and making me feel like less of a loser (not that I'm above that by any means).

Nope, it's actually a true story. I'm writing YA!!! Not only is it YA, but it's YA FANTASY!!! That means I get to write about things that don't really exist, precisely like JK Rowling, except without her mind-bending genius, ethereal beauty, and millions of dollars.

I don't know how it happened given (WARNING: True Confession Alert!) I've never read a single YA book in my life. I have, however, seen movies. I know, crazy, right? But it's not my fault. I blame my overactive imagination. I couldn't sleep for the last few nights due to a certain phrase I'd written in my current wip MURDER ON SONGBIRD LANE. These two particular words kept buzzing in my brain like an annoying fly that refused to die. According to my manager (aka "husband"), I'm not yet at liberty to give those two precious words away nor any of the plot line. (And don't hate me all you query-haters out there, but I've already written the query!) I'm up to page four of this new wip, and it's like so ohmygod, totally, awesome!!!! Who knew writing teenage characters could be such a major blast? Hell, last time I checked, I didn't even like teenagers!

I've now written two women's fiction novels, one and a half mysteries, and .0000001 YA books. I am like so totally stoked about this, dudes! It's like majorly sic! BTW, no need to worry. My characters SO don't talk in this annoying fashion in my INCREDIBLE new YA novel called.... (Oops, I almost gave it away!)

And, don't worry about MURDER ON SONGBIRD LANE being lost to the world. I'm just shy of 45,000 words, exactly where I'm supposed to be. My first-draft target date is still Thanksgiving, and unless my new YA masterpiece completely overtakes me, I intend to meet that goal.

OMG! I can't believe I just told the whole world I'm writing YA! Crap! That means I really have to do it! (Bites nails and considers getting hair streaked pink and face pierced in order to fully get into the YA groove.)
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