The Opposite of Speed Dating

Most Gracious Thanks
First of all, I want to thank each of you who chimed in about our gig on Friday night. I was especially thrilled with the response from those of you who listened to and enjoyed our music. That is one of the highest compliments a singer/songwriter can receive - I am deeply humbled and grateful.

On a Different Note...
I'm kicking it into high gear, folks! I've got a new partial out to an agent I'd practically chop my left arm off to have represent me (that way I could still write). I'm not holding my breath, so no need to worry about my health. (Although, chopping my arm off would be a bit of a health concern - one I hope I have to ponder!) I'm also continuing to query like a crazy person. The rejections are barely even stinging anymore. Instead of feeling like a big, painful wasp bite, they're more like an annoying gnat. I gently swat at it and it goes away. In fact, I figure every time I get one, I'm that much closer to finding The Perfect Agent. It really is a courting process. You send your "scent" out into the world and see who finds it most pleasing. Then, you wait, and wait, and wait for your date with destiny... (The Perfect Agent's ETA is about 50%-75% slower than the ETA's at Philly Int'l. Airport. And that's really saying something.)

How many of you are awaiting your speed date with destiny? And how is the "dating" process going?
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