Darling Buds of Spring

I don't know about you, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE spring! The moment those darling buds wipe the sleep from their weary eyes and peak out from beneath their wooden beds, and the sun pushes the clouds away so it can shine a bit brighter, and the grass proudly reclaims itself by turning boldly green, I find myself smiling feeling that perfect blend of calm and fervor.

Spring is about moving on from cold, depressing days into new, unimaginable beginnings. The sadness discovered on a cold January morning seems less desperate and far more tolerable on a warm March day. Birds chirping and squirrels scampering proclaim the welcoming of a sweeter season.

My cats know it's spring. They line up against the kitchen sliders watching the new day blooming about. They stare up at the birds and paw at the glass. They want to be part of the transformation occurring in the mysterious "outside."

The pool knows it, too. It waits expectantly, realizing it's days in captivity are numbered. Soon it will be set free to, once again, become the destination of happiness, laughter, splashing and white wine.

Let the sun shine brighter still; let the grass turn green. I, for one, am spellbound by the darling buds of spring. D. L. Schubert
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