Message from The All

When I was 18, I wrote a song called, "We All Exist in the Mind of The All." Long title, I know, but it had a mesmerizing hook that, to this day, is often stuck in my head.

These days, I receive messages from The All on a daily basis. They come in the form of a Daily Kabbalah Tune-Up. They usually appear when I'm editing or writing. I'll hear the familiar "ding!" from my inbox and get that anxious, excited feeling. Hoping it's an agent wanting a full or, better yet, Random House writing to tell me they found me through a Google search and are sure I'm the next JK Rowling, I click over to my email. I see "Yehuda Berg" in the "from" column and am instantly disappointed and annoyed. But, I know better than to mess with the Universe, so I always open the email. Here's one I got a few days ago:

Why are we so afraid of what people think of us? They’re going to judge us anyway, so we might as well be ourselves and let them think what they want. Confront this fear today. Be yourself. Spill your truth. Let you be you.

Damn! How did the Powers that Be know I was cowering in fear over what a certain agent will think of a certain ms she's reading? Let it go, Debbie, let it go. It is what it is and it will be how it's meant to be.

Here's the Daily Tune-Up from yesterday:

Having a routine can sometimes keep you stuck. It's a bit like riding an elevator that is going backwards. When we're into our routine, we are stuck on that backwards moving elevator. What good does that do us? How do we break that cycle, how do we move forward?

Today, find a way to break your routines, to fight the pull of the elevator. In order to grow and transform spiritually we have to be constantly willing to change it up.

But, I LOVE my routine! It totally ROCKS! Fine, whatever, I'll change it up.

How do you receive messages from the cosmos? Do you heed them or look the other way? Come on, people. Spill your truth.
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