Sketch vs Masterpiece

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I'll let you know how it goes...

I'm deep into tweaking my latest novel "MURDER ON TWILIGHT CIRCLE." It's a cozy mystery that has been way too much fun to write! I've brought some of the characters along from "SPARKS FLY SOMETIMES: CONFESSIONS OF A ROCK PRINCESS," and it's interesting to see them tossing a ball in a different field.

What I've realized is that the first draft is like a pencil sketch. When you're done, anyone can look at it, understand it, and appreciate it. It's already a work of art. However, the editing is where the masterpiece comes to life. It's where vibrant colors and subtle brush strokes turn your sketch into a textured masterpiece.

I'm currently adding color and brush strokes to my finished sketch. Bear with me if I'm not as attentive as usual. I'm finding out what I already know: the more you paint, the better of an artist you become.

Rich, vibrant colors and subtle textures to all. And remember: little by little all your sweet dreams come true. ;-)

(Oh, and a big, fat, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite followers!)
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