There's a Girl I Know...

There's a girl I know who was beaten by her father. In fact, he spent yesterday - Father's Day - in a jail cell.

When she was younger, she cut herself. She also starved herself and made herself sick. When that didn't ease the pain, she turned to drugs.

She's a beautiful girl and the bruises on her forehead and the ones that look like fingers on her neck can't mask that. But they do make her just a little bit sadder.

I love her and want to help, but besides giving her safe shelter, there's only so much I can do. There's a hearing later this week if she decides to press charges. Doing that may put her well-being in jeopardy. She's a teenager and could end up going into foster care.

Her mom is a lovely woman; frail, beautiful, and deeply religious. Another victim of abuse. She doesn't want to lose her daughter and still loves her husband, so she's hoping charges aren't brought. But, she's torn. She wants her daughter to be safe and at the same time is aware her husband needs help. Alcohol is a big part of the problem, but he's not ready to admit that. And, of course, that's never the whole story...

Please keep this girl in your thoughts and prayers. Pray for her healing physically, psychically, and spiritually. She is so very special - full of life, light, and promise.

My deepest thanks and blessings to all. Namaste.
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