Bring on The Funny

Even though my life has been a little rocky lately, laughter - as always - is the best medicine.

Therefore, I'm posting some of my favorite funnies. Hope you laugh at least once while reading them.

(And, no, Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera aren't funny. Just yummy. And who doesn't like a little yummy with their funny?)

I could have done a whole post with either funny cat pics or Sarah Palin cartoons (she's such an easy target, it's ALMOST unfair.) Instead, I picked one of my favorites from each of these hilarious categories.

I'm in Portland, OR with Awesome Agent and some other brilliant, talented, hilarious women having more fun than is probably legal. I promise to give away at least a couple of the juicy details next week.

Until then, keep it classy, San Diego (and the rest of the world).
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