Writers Have Big..... HEARTS!

First of all, I'd like to thank Kristina Riggle for her wonderful interview. Kris - You're an inspiration to writers everywhere. Your time and thoughtful answers are greatly appreciated. The ripple effect of your inspired words will manifest over time. There is no way to measure the gratitude or count the creative ideas you've sparked in the minds of others. I thank you and wish you the greatest success with Real Life & Liars and all your upcoming works.

Kristina is the perfect example of what I've realized lately: writers have big hearts. We are dedicated and devoted not only to our own writing, but to each others' work as well. In other words, we are our own biggest cheerleaders. (If only we could look this good!!)

And, it doesn't matter where we are along our path. Whether you're a newbie just dipping your toes in the tepid writing waters, or a big-time best-selling author, we all have something in common - our love for the written word and for the simple wonder of telling a story.

There are many writers I've encountered lately who have been helpful to me along my journey. They are unselfish folks who possess generous, creative, beautiful souls. I am honored and humbled to have crossed their paths. Some I will be interviewing over the next few months, some I've had great "conversations" with via Twitter and/or e-mail, and all have left a deep impression upon my heart. They've made a difference in my relationship to my writing, and there is no way to properly thank someone for that kind of unselfish devotion.

The desire to elevate our own ideas and hone our own craft is one thing. It's natural to want to improve, expand and become the best writers we can be. But, to take the time to support others along the way is a tremendous gift. The desire to elevate those around you is what makes the journey of life so much more meaningful. Knowing there are kindred spirits willing to give of their time and experience is, for me, part of what makes the writing journey so fulfilling.

Of course, writers aren't the only people willing to contribute. I've come across many agents who are funny, helpful, and more than willing to give of their time and expertise to help writers along their way. My gratitude to them can not be measured.

Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the woes of the economy and how it's effecting the industry, but staying focused on our work is what matters. As writers, it is all we have and all we will ever have. The ability to pour our hearts and souls on to the written page and move others to tears, laughter, bliss, rapture, fear, reflection, and all manner of human emotion, is thrilling, transformative, a privilege, and a joy.

So, here's a toast: To writers everywhere, no matter where you are along your path, may you be filled with inspiration, passion, and the desire to write to your heart's content. And to the agents who help make our dreams come true. Cheers!
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