New Beginnings

Ah, where do I start to talk about beginnings? I suppose, at the beginning...

There are many times in life where we have to make a new start. When we begin kindergarten, and then middle school, high-school and then college. We begin anew when we move out into our first apartment, get married, have kids, buy a house. Sometimes a relationship fades and we have to start a new one. Those can be the scariest-yet-most-full-of-possibility moments of all.

And then there are stories. In each of our books there is that daunting Page One. How we tackle or embrace that new beginning depends on so many things; our mood, our enthusiasm for the new project, clarity (or lack thereof!), and a certain faith in the unknown. But always, there is a desire to move ahead - to sew a new tapestry - to create a new world - for ourselves and others.

I usually find myself experiencing a mixture of nervousness, fear, and excitement when I begin a new project. Planting a seed and hoping it will blossom into something beautiful and lasting is an act of faith. Depending on my viewpoint, those blank pages may be a window to emptiness and fear or unimaginable possibility.

What about you? How do you approach new beginnings?

Here is a picture of my newly planted garden. So much beauty, freshness, and potential. A great example of a wonderful New Beginning.

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