Family Rules/Canvas

We just got back yesterday from a WONDERFUL family vacation to Missouri and since I have 193 pictures to go through-and a couple loads of laundry calling my name- I thought I'd post my latest craft project I finished a couple weeks ago while you *anxiously* await my post from our trip.

I'll start by warning you there are lots of pictures from this project because I am IN LOVE with the way it turned out. Probably because my husband did most of the work and I just supervised and corrected and was more annoying than ever (I promised him this would be the last one I'd make him do for me....but I had my fingers crossed behind my back. That's still legit right?)

Anyway...I present to you the Bricker Family Rules/Values project-first seen and fell madly in love with here. Thanks for the cute idea MaryBeth!

Okay so I'll give you a short little step-by-step for how I went from this (old pantry doors for $4 from DI):

... To this!

First we started out by sawing the doors in half so I could use the bottom of the doors as my canvas.

Ready to go "canvases"

Top of the pantry doors that are awaiting me for another project I have in the works...

Then we sanded down the doors and spray painted them a pretty bright yellow (the yellow paint I had left over from my pot project.) It's actually a slight shade brighter than I wanted but the original wood was so dark we had to do an extra coat to cover it, but I think the paper we added tones it down a little.

While Bobby did the "manly" work, I picked out matchy scrapbook paper (which my mom had brought down for me from St. George the last time she visited) and printed out the rules and values in adorable fonts I found for free here. (This took me the longest out of the whole project because I'm SO indecisive!) And then Mod-podged them till they begged for me to stop. Okay really Bobby did this part too b/c I kept getting bubbles in the paper and the perfectionist in me was dying.



We finally agreed on a spot to hang them

They now sit above our kitchen table in the dining area. The picture of the temple/family proclamation was above the table before and is now off to the right which we had to do for sizing issues. They were longer and narrower than I was originally planning on making them (each panel is 12 inch. wide and 35 inch. long) so we had to adjust some things, but I think they turned out perfectly! And I love having the temple on the other wall which was blank before.

In case you can't read all the rules from the picture, I listed them below. Some are borrowed, most of them are my own.

~Learn from your mistakes
~Sing silly, dance crazy, tickle lots, laugh loudly
~Mind your manners
~Family comes first, always be there
~Make messes...and then clean them up
~Hands are for hugging not for hitting
~Laugh instead of cry
~Obey your parents
~Husband-Adore your wife always Wife-Love him forever
~Speak Kindly
~Stand for Truth and Righteousness
~Snuggle Mommy, Wrestle Daddy
~Hug, Kiss and Say I love you every day
~Pray Always
~Don't grow up too fast

Values up close:

*Total project cost: $4 (doors were $4, paint was left over from previous project, scrapbook paper was from my mom, mod podge and paint brush I've had forever, nails to hang already had...and that's it)

Story behind the rules/values:
I was sitting in the mall play area and there were very few kids playing so Tyler and Kylee had lots of room to run around and play and they were so happy. Just truly happy, carefree and loving every moment of there simple, wonderful life and as I watched them I thought, this is what it's all about. This is what childhood should be. It should be full of laughter, and smiles, and happiness, and enjoyment. And in this moment of inspirational, uninterrupted, bliss I pulled out a half-gnawed on pen and an old receipt and began to write down the things I wanted to have as rules in our family. What values I wanted our children to grow up with. Things we could see everyday and be reminded of-even as adults. And so, the Rules and Values were born. And I could not be happier with the way everything turned out. I giggle every time I walk past them in our kitchen and give myself a little pat on the back for the good work Bobby did. :)
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