Tricky little leprechauns!

We woke Thur. morning to find our kitchen had been turned topsy turvy by those tricky little leprechauns! How do we know it was them you ask?

I think their little green footprints they left across the kitchen floor gave them away!

A whole trail of them as a matter of fact that led to...

...the refrigerator!

"What did he do?! What did he do in the fridge?!" Tyler was screaming. We opened it up to find that the leprechaun had turned our milk green! They thought that was so awesome-especially Tyler since his favorite color is green-and thoroughly enjoyed drinking it and having it in their cereal that morning for breakfast!

When Tyler went into the bathroom to get dressed he screamed to me, "MOM! There is green pee in our toilet!" What?! That tricky leprechaun went potty in our toilet and we thought it was very rude that he didn't flush away his business!

We were so excited when we saw this green footprint on the fireplace since our trap is sitting up there and hoped that we had caught the tricky little man that had wreaked havoc all over our house!

Awww! It looks like we almost caught him!! Better luck next year!

After we picked Tyler up from preschool we went to our friend Lindsey's house where a couple of us moms had put together a little St. Patricks day party. We had a yummy green lunch by Lindsey and then I was in charge of the activities. We started out by heading out to the patio (loving that we can be outside in short sleeves!!!) to paint some Blarney stones!

While they were doing that I painted some clovers on the older kids cheeks-Tyler loves to have his face painted!

squinty eyes=lots of sunshine=lots and lots of happiness!

While our rocks dried we went inside to play a scavenger hunt game lindsey put on and the boys found hats at the end and the girls found princess crowns! This was the BEST pic we took of all the kids cause they're all at least in it! ha ha

Next we made some clover necklaces...

Macey's cheesy grin!

After that we had one more scavenger hunt in store (I didn't know lindsey was going to do one, but I had planned one too). We heard a knock on the door and found this clover from Larry the Leprechaun...

We followed 5 more clues till we found the last one where Larry had left the kids a pot of gold!

They had an awesome time and had lots of fun stuff to bring home!

I feel like the LUCKIEST mom in the world to have these two bugs in my life!

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