Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Sitting in my study editing my manuscript, I hear the tick tock, tick tock of time passing by. As the 100-year old clock that belonged to my grandmother arouses my consciousness, I'm made aware of the tiny fraction of time I have left here on Earth.

As each second clicks by, I wonder...

Have I accomplished what I set out to?
Am I where I thought I'd be/wanted to be at this point in my journey?
Am I holding grudges that prohibit me from powerfully moving forward?
Have my dreams shifted purposefully or faded away?
Do those in my life know how deeply I love them?
Am I allowing the artist in me to be fully expressed?
Have I apologized to the people I've wronged?
Am I dancing in the rain or running for shelter?
Am I lifting others up and helping them reach their potential?
Do my children know their presence in this world is my greatest gift?
Will I make the most of the time I have left?
Will I have the courage to live the rest of my life in accordance with my values?
At every tick of the clock, am I being the truest expression of me?
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