True Confessions & Personal Questions

Here's my latest True Confession. Yesterday I ate:

Breakfast: Egg and cheese sandwich from WaWa

Lunch: Popcorn (at Up In the Air)

Dinner: Chocolate Chip Muffin and a glass of OJ (after Avatar)

Um, yeah, sad, but true. So....

I'm hereby declaring December 26th to be: NATIONAL HEALTHY EATING DAY! (Cue inspiring music.)

Join me if you dare!!!

I sent my agent the polished 2nd draft of THE SECRET KEEPER on Thursday AND... I started writing the follow-up yesterday! I wasn't planning on it, but there it was - the first couple of pages. Ah, fresh, new ideas. SQUEE!!!

Our Christmas: We saw UP IN THE AIR - thought provoking, great acting by George Clooney (so what else is new?), ending fell a bit flat, and...

TAR (3D!) The MOST incredible special effects known to mankind, great story, some good acting (though I think it could have been better,) long (3 hours) and great political/moral messages.

I love asking personal questions, especially when the answers are juicy! Here are a few for you, my dear readers. Be creative.

How were your holidays?

Did you snag some groovy holiday loot?

Did you get to hang out with those you love?

Did you see any great movies?

Did you have any intense family drama?

Did you laugh a lot?

Do you have any deep, dark secrets you want to share?

Do tell!

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