BEWARE: Subliminal Messages!

I've done subliminal messages in the past, and except for the enormous amount of folks from the religious right who read this blog religiously [none that I know of], I've gotten great responses from it [lukewarm responses, tepid at best]. I'm thinking of making it a weekly feature. Let me know what you think.

FYI: Subliminal messages are placed in [] brackets, so if you'd rather not read them for fear of all things subliminal, feel free to skip over said [ma
jorly important] messages.

First of all, depending on your gender and sexual preference, you're welcome for the pics of the freaking gorgeous Christina Aguilera and ridiculously handsome Brad Pitt in my last post. I heard some readers actually passed out from their extreme gorgeousness. [I heard no such thing, but wouldn't that be cool?]

Secondly, I've been mixing fun with work lately, using my birthday as a [valid] excuse not to work as hard as usual on my manuscript. But, my birthday [weekend] is over and now the harsh reality of work and work alone [with a splash of Tru TV thrown in for good measure] is setting in. Until next week, that is, when husband has off and we'll be doing fun things like dining out, driving around looking at the pretty lights, [doing things I can't mention here since this blog is rated PG], seeing movies, working on our music, and SLEEPING IN.

So, from here on out [the next four days], I'm getting down to business. Butt In Chair in a big, fat, big-butt kind of way. [Except when I'm downstairs eating brownies or napping.] I promised my agent a fully polished 2nd draft for Christmas, and I intend to deliver [shouldn't be blogging, should be working on ms].

So, here's a toast to getting the work done. Join me if you wish [dare, have nothing better to do, are a natural-born "follower"] and get some work done. Because next week, it's PARTY CENTRAL, BABY! [Yeah right. Who am I kidding? Next week I'll be writing just like I always do.]

Here's a chance to share your thoughts! [I'll do what I want, anyway.]

a) Yay! Weekly Subliminal Message Day! [It freaking ROCKS!]


b) No way, Jose! Subliminal Message Day is like totally lame, dude! Stick to REAL messages. Oh, and no more voodoo dolls!!! [Yeah, whatever you freak. I love me some voodoo dolls!]
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