Seeing A Dream Come True

I promised I'd let you know what it feels like to sign an Agent Agreement when the time came, and now I know:

It feels TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME, that's how it feels!

Did you get the deep, psychological meaning of those capital letters? Good. These pictures not only depict a writer signing a contract; they illustrate a dream coming true.

You may notice the address on my mailbox. Yes, I live on Twilight Circle where the murder in my last book took place. It's a scary neighborhood! Not really, but it is evidence that our ideas often arise (very!) close to home.

I can't wait to see pics like these from all of you waiting for "The Call." Have faith! It shall be. If you keep at it, your dreams will all come true. And I, for one, can't wait to see that happen. ;-)

There are different types of dreams that manifest in our lives. Here are lyrics to a song called, "Dream Come True" that my husband and I wrote after the birth of our first son, Adam:

for Adam, 1989 (and Ethan, 1992!)
Speak softly to me, my love, tell me the things you're dreaming of
Speak sweetly, my love, I see you come from up above
Since the day you came to me, I've found a world that's not the same
When you're looking up at me, well I can see!

You're a dream come true
And I love all the things you do
It's true, how I love you

You are the magic in my soul, you're every dream I've ever known
In your eyes so blue, well, I love you

You're a dream come true
And we love the things you do
You're a dream come true
And it's true, well we love you

You were the light we'd seen before
You shined as bright as the brightest star
All we wish for you to know... Is we love you so

You're our dream come true
And we love the things you do
You're our dream come true
And it's true, well we love you -

Pictures of our "babies" now - proof that dreams change and grow over time in beautiful and unexpected ways. ;-)
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