Burlap Spring Wreath

As I mentioned in the post where I made my St. Patricks wreath, I think if you do nothing else for a holiday, a wreath is the perfect simple thing that brings in some fun without being overwhelming. So to kick off our spring/Easter goodies I thought the first thing I'd show you is my fancied up dollar store wreath!

I started with this 13" wreath picked up at the dollar store, and some burlap from the HL (theirs was $3.99/yd. and you'll only need 1/4-1/2 yd-depending on the size of your wreath).

I cut the burlap into about 2 inch strips (x the length of the fabric...about 45 inch if I'm remembering right) and wrapped in directly around the wreath slightly overlapping it as I went.

I only needed about 3 strips to cover the whole wreath.

Next I made some rolled flowers and hot glued them to the side of the wreath. (after rearranging them countless times throughout an entire episode of traffic light-watch this show. you will LAUGH!)

Recognize this fabric from the last post?! Yep, I had enough left over of everything to make these and a few other flowers that are on a different wreath I made for the inside of my house (a few posts down the road). I finally have a fabric stash! Eeeek! Am I legit or what? (and yes people actually say that word...my sister for one-which makes it cool.)

Next I added a little sweet love to their centers...

I think if you wanted to stop there, it would still be a door-worthy hanging wreath, but I loved this idea and had to copy it! What I didn't think about before I bought the letter B ($1.50 using a 40%off coupon from the HL.) is how in the world I would wrap this-in a presentable way-using jute. The girl's I copied (sorry I don't know her name) used a letter A...no curves. Oops.

So stand back really far from your computer and this will look perfecto. And would it really be ME if I didn't add a jeweled princess crown button? Nope. It wouldn't.

And now she's complete. And it IS a she. I think the princess crown sorta gives that away people.

Tie a BOLD pink polka dotted ribbon (dollar store) to hang it and you're finis! (that's "finished" in french. I googled it so I'm sure.)

Thanks for stopping by...here's what's in store tomorrow!

My wreath and I will be attending my first linky party's ever on Thur. at these fun places!
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