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Have you ever had every single night you go to cook dinner one of those days where you want to throw every kitchen utensil you own in the TRASH because they're all jammed so tightly into one drawer you can only HOPE that you'll be able to find the potato masher and that it won't be impossibly intertwined with the wisk, a mixer blade and the pizza cutter? AND that once you do in fact remove the potato masher from said interferences you then must repeatedly SLAM the drawer close over and over and over while praying to the utensil gods that whatever unknown instrument is JAMMING itself into the top of the drawer keeping you-in what I can only assume to be a mocking jester to rock your INSANITY-from closing it, will somehow magically SHRINK in size the harder you slam the drawer? And then once you finally manage to show that drawer who's BOSS you sigh a triumphant and satisfying sigh of RELIEF like you just overcame climbing Mount Timpanogos and then totally forget about the whole ordeal until you go to cook dinner the next night where you DANCE the same charade all over? Ya I know...me to. Well my bruised hip finally got fed up with my nightly dance so I did my body a favor and came up with a solution! I PRESENT to you the:

Counter Top Utensil Organizer
! -I know, super cool name right:)

First find some sort of plastic box. I found these clear, plastic, bins at our thrift store (DI) and picked up 3.

They have these little separators in them which works out perfect to keep everything a little more up-right since my boxes are shorter and wider...versus taller and skinnier.

And they were just .50 each! Yippee!

Next paint them whatever color you want!! I gave mine a nice coat of white spray paint (after first spraying on a plastic primer).

I wanted to "cute" them up a bit so I dug out some green polka dotty fabric and first cut strips the size of the perimeter of the box's and about 2 inches wide. I then folded it in half and put a drip of hot glue every couple inches or so down the length of the fabric to close it. (looking back it would have been MUCH simpler to just sew a straight 1/4 inch seam than glue it-oh well)

Then I hot glued the folded fabric around each box like so...

I liked the way that looked but I thought it would add a nice touch to tie a simple strand of jute around the fabric and end it with a bow!

Next, add a few utensilish words to the outside of your boxes. I LOVE me some some labels! (mine is black vinyl cut from my cricut, but you could use stickers as well)

And ta-da! You've got a totally unique, totally adorable set of utensil organizers!

Now fill those beauties up with all your thing-a-ma-gigs and smile down upon the Sweet Love you just gave your kitchen!

Up next...fun subway art for the kitchen!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I LOVE having you here!!!

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