Kitchen Subway Art

I'm sorta CRAZY excited to show you this project today! After seeing subway art pop up all over the place, in all sorts of forms, the right side of my brain started spinning its 'I WANT THAT but don't want to buy it so how can I make it' wheels. Anyone else got a set of these fab wheels?! I wanted something that could stay up year round (as in something not centered around a holiday-although those are SO fun too!) and not put another hole in the wall (we're in a rental).

When I saw a well-loved wood cutting board with character to match at the DI (thrift store) for $1.50 I snatched it up and new it would be the perfect canvas for some kitchen subway art!

I love that you can see all the cuts and wear and tear on the wood! It just makes it so real I think!

Next I planned out some kitcheny words that I wanted to have on the board and decided on the different directions, sizes, and fonts I wanted by sketching it out on a piece of paper.

When I was pretty sure how I wanted everything, I used my cricut to cut out the words using black and green vinyl and went to town puttin' her together! (I think all my craft projects are female. Is that normal?)

It only took watching the whole first season of Modern Family over again to get this baby done, but it was well worth the time in the end because this little piece of Sweet Love makes me happy every time I walk into the kitchen!

It's placed next to the Utensil Organizers on the counter so that I could have something to tie in the green vinyl!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a piece of my day, YOU are the greatest! For those of you with little ones I think you will {heart} my next project, see you soon!!

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