Copying is ok?!

So remember back in 5th grade when it was time for a test, and you were sitting a little too close to Mr. lazy-pants-never-does-his-homework, that the moment the teacher dropped that white blank sheet of intimidation in front of your nose, your hand flew up to guard peeping Tom over there from copying your hard work? So un-cool Mr. Tom.

Then you moved onto Jr. High and High school where you didn't want to be the uptight kid who actually stood up for honesty so you found cooler ways to keep all the lazy bones from cheating off of you like hunching your whole body over your desk-because now you were big enough to actually do that, or pretending like you were oh-so bored with that class that you would lean haphazardly on one elbow, laying your head on your arm, coincidentally covering your paper with your head while you nonchalantly twirled your hair, all the while secretly hoping the cool kids had no idea you were panicking they would cheat off you?! (built up feelings of anger here?!)

Then you went to college. And you had roommates. And they were SO cool. And you wanted to dress like them and talk like them. And all of a sudden YOU were the copier. And then you found a balance. A balance between you-the you that you grew up knowing and the you that you wanted to become. And sometimes you had original ideas and sometimes you copied ideas from people you respected and loved and that was okay because it made you, YOU!

Then one day you heard the quote "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"-Charles Caleb Colton and you Believed it.

Well someone imitated something I did and I am sincerely flattered!

Awhile back I posted this fun little Candy Jar. She took a little different approach and her version of candy jars are drool worthy with all that yummy glitter ribbon on the top!

Her name is Lauren and she is a friend from elementary school (and most definitely NOT the peeping Tom I was referring to above!:) ) I haven't spoken to her...well probably since elementary school but she found me on Facebook and thanked me for my inspiration (gasp!). ha ha! I was so flattered that she liked what I did and used that as inspiration to create her own craft that I asked her if I could feature it here today! She blogs over at Flour Blossoms so go check out the rest of her gorgeous spring decor there!

Thanks Lauren for letting me share your creativity over here! Go give her some Sweet Love will ya?!?!

So now we know that copying is O.K. so if you ever copy anything I do PLEASE share it with me because I would love to feature it and YOU here at Love Sweet Love! (and I'd scream and scream and scream in excitement but you wouldn't be able to hear me because I'd be behind a computer)

Love spring, love warmer weather (yay!), and love YOU for being here! Have a great day!
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