Laundry *Room* Re-Do!

TWO (2) weeks since I've last shared some love with you?!?! Really? Well, if it makes you feel any better I haven't posted on my family blog either so I'm sorta slackin' everywhere, but remember this post about summertime? I've been true to every word of it and we have been kickin' it every day, night, and waking hour playing! Mr. Sweet Love had the last 2 weeks off of school (the break between summer and fall classes) so we have been soaking up every second of having him home more before he disappears again for the next-and LAST!-8 months (which means of course that I will re-appear here:) ). But while he's doing some new cell-phone shopping (he's been waiting for his upgrade for months and is drooling over words I can't even pronounce), I thought I'd sneak in a little blog time and share with you my Laundry *Room* Renovation. *Room* because it's technically just a closet :).

Keeping in mind that we're in a rental and can't paint, add wallpaper, add shelving, or new lighting, etc., this is what I came up with to organize our space using LOTS of inspiration from this post of Kelsey's over at Tattered and Inked.

Before-seriously. This room was not staged to look this bad before I took the picture, it really was this bad.

Alllllmmossst ready...

AND after!

A little closer up view so I can break it down for ya!

Starting off to the left, on the wall to the left of the washing machine is a free printable, also created and provided by Kelsey at Tattered and Inked, I just printed it off at home and framed it in a frame I already had.

I picked up 2 hanging baskets from Home Depot for about $5 each to take advantage of the space underneath the shelf as well as the space above (b/c remember we can't add any shelving of our own!). I love that I can hang hangers and clothespins from it as well as use the basket to hold different small laundry items.

Just to jazz up the space a little, but not wanting to add any more holes to the wall (I really would have loved to hang up old cabinets here like Kelsey did in her laundry room) I used these chalkboard stickers I found at the dollar store (2 in the pack for $1) to write Wash, Dry and Lost Socks on.

My second hanging basket holds dryer sheets and old microfiber cloths used for cleaning.

On this plate screwed into the wall on the right side of the dryer, I added this vinyl quote that I've seen around the blog world just using my cricut to cut the vinyl. I added a shower suction cup underneath to catch anything and everything that comes out of those pockets before they get washed. (this may or may not be the result of having previously washed my husbands wallet) $ in picture not staged-I typically find about $10 a month in pockets doing laundry- Finders Keepers!

Off to the right side of the dryer I added 2 mesh hampers for dirty towels and a small trashcan (all from the $store).

Besides the brown basket on the top shelf for cleaning supplies (which used to be under the kitchen sink) and the 3 tiered drawer unit used to hold "stuff"-light bulbs, soap, extra cleaning know just the junk that you don't really have a designated space for but you don't need to get to very often-is...

...a laundry soap dispenser (drink dispenser purchased at walmart on clearance for $2 about a month ago) and...

...a glass bowl for my oxi clean (purchased at a thrift store for $1). Vinyl letters cut using my cricut.

One of my FAVORITE things I added to this room are the 3M hooks on the insides of the doors. I use them to hang up damp bathing suits or shirts right out of the dryer if I know I'm not going to be able to get to the folding of clothes for awhile (or more realistically...b/c the Mr. thought he did the laundry b/c he threw a load into the washer and then the dryer, where it will sit until I can get a chance to fold it. The act of putting laundry into a machine is not laundry. Folding and putting away clothes is doing laundry. Just so you know.)

And one last look. Ahhhhhh. I love a fresh, clean space.

Thank you SO SO SO much for stopping by and takin' a looksy today! Don't worry, I promise there won't be another 2 week absence so stay tuned... :) Love yall!

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