Coat Closet turned Crafty Space

HeLlO friends!! How are you?! I'm good thanks (cause I'm sure you're asking me too) and I just wanted to stop in for a quick sec today and share a little organization project I finished up! I present to you...

The COAT closet turned CRAFTY space!

We're currently in a rental home and have the perfect amount of space for 4 people. We have just what we need, but in the year and a half that we've lived here we have completely maxed out that space! (Isn't that funny...even if you move somewhere bigger you magically fill it and still feel like everyone's still living on top of each other! ha ha!) So even though we still "fit" in this house there is NO extra space! Enter...creativity, organization toys, and using height to maximize your space.

I had my "crafty" things spread out throughout all 3 bedrooms, some in this coat closet and some under my bed. It was ridiculous! It got to the point where I KNEW that I had that specific color paint somewhere but I could NOT remember which location it had been stored so I just went and bought a new one. Those times are NO more! I wish wish WISH I had taken a before picture so you could truly appreciate this space (only my husband really "gets" it because he was the only person allowed to see behind this door) for what it is now, but trust me. I rock. Granted it's still not a large space (just about 3 feet by 4 feet) but now everything is in ONE place and I can SEE where it all is! Someday I'll get my dream craft room, but for now I'm perfectly happy with this!!

I had some old mason jars from canning peaches a few years back (ya...definitely just a one time thing for me) and they work great for keeping ribbon organized by color!

This 4 tiered white shelving thing (purchased at Walmart for $10) is the only thing I bought for this space. I knew I wanted to stack something on top of the 3 drawer plastic organizer I already had so that I could take advantage of the height in the closet. I also knew I needed something that was open so that things would be easily accessible. The white baskets I also got from Walmart for $1 each after easter and had them stuffed under my bed-I think they serve a better purpose this way. :)

My daughter had this shoe organizer hanging in her closet with exactly 2 pairs of shoes in it. Ya, I'll go ahead and take that. It's the perfect addition for a small craft space since it is Loooong and narrow.

I've had this little travel organizer since high school and it was sitting EMPTY in the back of my bedroom closet. It works great to hold all my little knick-knack craft stuff-googly eyes, pom poms, glue, tape, etc.

There's also a large brown basket on the floor (It was too big to fit on top of any of the shelves) that I also got at Walmart on clearance (2 baskets for $3) about 2 weeks before I decided to organize this closet. I had intended to use them in the bathrooms, but I needed somewhere to put all the big flowers I use to make hairbows. I don't love it there, but it's not in the way and it serves a purpose so I'm living with it. :)

"Where are all the coats?" Is the first thing my husband said when I opened this door. "Does it matter?!" I shrieked "Look at this beautiful, organized space!" "It's nice Angela." he says, "No really it is. But seriously what are we going to do for the 8 mo. of winter we have here?" "Uh...I don't know...I wasn't really thinking about that. Don't worry, I'll think of something by then!" ha ha-oh well!

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