I can NOT believe it's already August! Stores are stocked with spiral notebooks in every color, patiently waiting to be filled with algebra equations and doodling; and boxes of fresh wood pencils eager to be sharpened to a perfect point with pink, crisp erasers ready to erase every monogrammed relationship disappointment (A+R=<3 A+J=<3 A+B=<3 ) passionately sketched onto abandoned homework assignments. Aisles are brimming with everything the freshman college student needs to survive dorm life and their first year away from home-including books on How to Avoid the 'freshman 15' and The idiots guide to not dying all your white clothes pink...aka laundry. Where were all these cute shower curtain choices when I went to college? I'm pretty sure my choices lied between Hello Kitty (NOT an option) and monochromatic shades of black. I digress. I miss the cheap sand toys, the over-sized, plush beach towels, the double barrel- super soaker- could possibly leave welts on your body-water guns and bottles of sunscreen with every spf level from 5 (honestly what's the point there?) to 90 (why even go out in the sun?) being the first thing I see when I walk into any retail joint. Just passing through an isle of beach balls and sand pails makes me want to eat a popsicle and sing California Gurls (Katy Perry). I don't mind the excitement that August/September brings with it, but seeing all the stores so...prepared is just another harsh reminder for me that days like these are almost just a memory of 2011....

This last week we had a special visit from Grandma and my sister and it was fun to have them experience a little *summer* with us!

Summertime is tan lined bodies, popsicle stained chins, consistently dirty bare feet, flip flops, little bodies sticky from bugspray and smelling like sunscreen. Cups full of ice cold lemonade and driveways filled with sidewalk chalk stick figures. Tired eyes at the end of a busy, outdoor, run-till-you-can't-breathe filled day and then falling exhausted into bed with an 'I love you mom', barely audible, coming out of their tiny, kissable lips . I think I know what the next 30 days will be like at our house. Summertime.

I'm sharing these sweet photos over at Sweet Little Gals photo swap!
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