Lemon/Lime Centerpiece

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...or a centerpiece!

Ever since I made my Family Rules Canvases a year ago...

...I've been wanting to make a centerpiece for my kitchen table that helped tie the canvases into the kitchen. Being that the colors I chose for the Rules/Values were summery colors it finally hit me...during the summer, decorate with limes and lemons! Yippee!

I know I know, summer is OVER :(....SOOO as my last tribute to summertime, fresh fruit galore, and warm, carefree days, I thought I'd share some pictures and a quick "how-to" for my sweet little centerpiece that has brought a smile to my face every day for the last 3 months (it's the simple things in life people mmmkay.) Not to mention it's about to get the boot to make way for some spOOktacular halloween fun!!!!

Whatchya need:

1. Glass candlestick from the dollar store
2. Large platter of some sort...mine was $2 at the thrift store
3. Vase of any shape or size!...mine was $1 from the thrift store
4. Fruit that coordinates with your kitchen (I think oranges and limes would be super duper cute too!) and it can be fresh or fake. I used both throughout the summer, but when I didn't have any fresh available my fake fruit is from the $store! In the pictures here the limes are fake and the lemons are real. :)
5. SUPER strong glue...I use E6000

Can we just stop for a second and eat up the yumminess that is this platter. When I bought it, it was a scratched up, dinged up, silver plated thing o' beauty. But I took one look at those beautiful curved edges and knew this baby was coming home with me. After a pretty coat of summer squash spray paint (Rustoleum) she was EXACTLY what I envisioned she would turn out to be...

Using my E6000 I glued the platter to the candlestick, and once that dried, then glued the vase to the platter directly on top of where the candlestick was to give it a good, sturdy support base.

Next I filled her up with limes...

...hugged her with lemons

And thanked my lucky stars it didn't all come a tumblin' down! :)

Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy! (hehe)

Thanks for stopping by today! Do you have your Halloween decor up yet?! I've been crafting away and I'm SoOoO anxious to put it all up!

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