'Heart-FELT' Wreath

Once upon a time there was a boy.
He was smart and CONFIDENT and had a serious case of mackdaddyness.
He had a fabulously romantic, fLaShY job at The Shack...Radioshack.
He liked computers and cars and Napoleon Dynamite.
He met a GIRL. He fell in love.

Once upon a time there was a girl.
She was blonde and FLIRTY and had a serious case of single-itis.
She had a fabulously romantic, fLaShY job at The Shack...Radioshack.
She liked fakin' bakin', dancing and going out.
She met a BOY. She wasn't sure.

He KISSED her. She laughed at him.
He played hard to get. It worked.
She fell in love.
They dated. They broke up.
They dated.
He sat next to her on her little brothers bed, held her hand, and asked her to be his FOREVER.
She said no.
He cried. She cried.
He left.
She changed.
He asked her again.
She said YES.

7 1/2 years, 2 kids, and thousands of kisses later they are still in love and she still wants to be his forever. Sometimes he's not so sure. (ha ha just kidding-I hope!!!)

Love. Such a small word that holds so much meaning it can make you experience every emotion the human body can feel.

I know some people detest Valentines day, but for me it's one day a year I can SHOWER my family with love. I hope I show them everyday how much I love them, but I will happily take one extra day to be ridiculously, over-the-top, mushy, gushy and lovey!

I love LOVE! I love hugs and kisses and hearts (as you've probably noticed that's what's been used in all my decor!) and that I get to decorate with those things one month a year! When I saw this Valentine Heart last year on The Idea Room I was inspired to make my own little version...

Amy uses a heart styrofoam form, but my craft store was sold out so I just picked up a block of styrofoam and Mr. Sweet Love cut me out a heart shape. :)

I used about 1 billion more felt circles that what's pictured below. Ha ha! Seriously...SO many felt circles!

I did this before I was blogging so I don't have any step-by-step pictures for this one, but I made another felt wreath for Halloween, and I did a detailed tutorial that you can find here. (And a Fall one here.)

Amy also just did a solid red felt, but I got a little crazy and did red, hot pink and light pink.

It ended up being more long and narrow, than wide but I like that it fits kinda snuggly right up into my window frame. :)

What about you? Do you detest Valentines day or are you a sucker for love? Either way I'll still love you! :) Hope you're having a great week, thanks so much for stopping by!!

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