Birthday Sneak Peak...

My *baby* turned 3 a couple weeks ago, but since having a birthday a couple days after Christmas isn't conducive to party throwing (read: mom is way too burnt out to put a party together) we're having her party this weekend.

For our kids first and second birthdays we just do small family celebration/parties and when they turn three they get their first FRIENDS party! I kinda feel like when they're 3 they actually "get it", as in...are more interested in the actual present they get rather than just wanting to play with the cardboard box it comes in, use a fork to eat their cake rather than their fist and can actually play the party games rather than be forced to pin the tail on the donkey they can barley walk to. I feel like, for as much work that goes into a party, they better be old enough to appreciate it! :) Ha ha!

Sooooo....that being said I have been having so much fun this week putting together my very first, VERY girly party!! Eeeek I just can't even tell you how much I L.O.V.E. having a girl!!!! I've done dinosaurs and Superheroes which were both a LOT of fun, but I have to say this has definitely been my favorite party to plan! I won't share the whole thing till after it's over but I thought I'd share a few sneak peak pictures of some of the things I've been staying up WAY WAY too late putting together this you think you can guess the theme??? :)

Have a wonderful weekend! See ya next week friends!
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