I'm Sorry... Did I Hit a Nerve?

Thanks to those few, brave souls who made their way through my last post. I know it was long, and perhaps a bit controversial. (Although, I did have an agent read it and she thought it was funny. See - even agents can have a sense of humor!) However, since that post, I had two of my "regular" followers leave me in the dust. This makes me sad. I want my mommy. I'm gonna take my toys and go home to my kitties. They NEVER stop following me.

It also makes me wonder if I've hit some sort of nerve...

I'm finally "live" with my new role as Philly Songwriter Examiner. Please visit often: Philly Songwriter Examiner. Along with this gig is a long list of "Writing Do's & Don'ts." Of course, being the headstrong 'thang that I am, I had already plowed into my first article before this little writing tool came my way. By that time, I realized I'd broken almost every rule on the list. OK, that's a slight exaggeration. I'd only broken two (very important) rules: no caps in the headline besides the first letter of the first word, and don't do an introductory first article. Each word of my first headline was in caps and the article was an introduction to me, glorious, me. So, I had to delete it and start from Square One.

It got me wondering if there are Writing Do's & Dont's in the blogosphere. I'd love your views on if there's an invisible line that shouldn't be crossed by bloggers along the posting trail. Sexy = okay; x-rated = not okay; racist or bigoted = never okay (mean is not funny or acceptable EVER!) Politics, one of my favorites, is definitely okay, after all, this last election couldn't have been more fun to write about, and religion? Better tread lightly on that one. (Just ask Madonna or Sinead O'Connor.) Oh, yeah, and then there's making fun of agents. That's a good one! Or is that perhaps as taboo as x-rated, religious, racist remarks? Hmm... (Or could it be I'm not as funny and entertaining as I thought? Damn, I hope it's not that!)
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