Train to Rejection City - "All Aboard!"

Next Stop, Rejection City!
I've got 150 pages left to review on my ms for like the fifty-millionth time. (Thank God I'm not prone to exaggeration.) And, what am I doing? Posting on my wonderful, glorious blog. And that's after commenting on some of my personal faves and surfing the net for wildly important information that I couldn't get through my day without; like the woman who has two husbands and lives in a perfect fairy tale world (that reminds me of a dream I've had a few dozen happy nights, but I doubt it works quite the same way. If it does, she's one lucky and satisfied gal!), or the six bodies worth of bones they just discovered in NM (ah, hell, they were probably all drug addicts and prostitutes, so who cares?), or the fact that poor, little Sarah Palin is "feeling beaten up" since scrutiny has been so intense since the election (now she knows how America felt before the election having to watch her and her grandfather run for office!).

Anyway, my point is, I'm avoiding the real work I've got to do. Why? Two reasons. (I've thought this thing through pretty thoroughly, kids.) 1) I love to procrastinate; 2) If I'm really, totally, completely, thoroughly done with my ms, then I have no choice but to start pounding the pavement to find an agent. (Translation: Ride the train to Rejection City, not my favorite destination *wink, wink*.)

By the end of the day I'll hear the conductor shout, "All Aboard!"

OK, fine. I suppose there's no use avoiding the inevitable. After all, what is life if not one, long, fun, and sometimes utterly depressing ride?
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