Ready to Rock!

OK, I know this sounds a bit crazy, but Chuck and I - collectivelly known as Karma Chain - are reincarnating our musical partnership. Hopefully, we were well-behaved enough in our past lives (NOT!) that we don't bomb miserably in this one. (uh-oh...) We'll be performing this coming Friday night at the Diving Cat Studio in Phoenixville, PA. The place is tres cool and the owner, Markels, is a brilliant artist. She makes jewelry, her own breathtaking glass beads, sculpts, and gives art classes. She's also a cat freak, which makes her especially cool.

Chuck and I have a small PA system and we're working on the set list. Back in "the day" that would have been 99.9% originals - we'd throw in a obscure song by X or Fleetwood Mac (yes, they have obscure songs - how many of you have heard Fireflies? And if you have, that means you're a hard-core Mac fan and I'm tres impressed!) However, for this special gig - and it is special - it's the studio's one-year anniversary at their killer location on Main Street, a place that has undergone a total facelift over the last few years - we will be playing about 1/3 originals and 2/3 covers. We're going to do a lot of Beatles, Fleetwood Mac (of course!), Wallflowers, Neil Young, and Cat Stevens, and a bunch of random songs we love: Shelter by Lone Justice; Why? by Christine McVie (pre-Stevie and Lindsey FM); I Need You by America; Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House; Lodi by CCR; Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones; and Sullivan Street by the Counting Crows. Maybe later in the week I'll post the final set list, in case those of you living in say India, Canada, or Australia (you know who you are) might want to hop on and see what RT airfares are to Philly these days.

In the meantime, I hope your weekend is fun, cozy, and filled with great music!

Your ever-humble novelist/poetess/rock princess.... Debbie Schubert aka Jamie Keys!
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