Support System

Who do you go to when you need lifting up, a reality check, true support, or even a totally undeserved compliment? For me, it's my family. My parents. My kids. Sisters. Brothers-in-law. They're there through thick and thin, good and bad, crazy and sane, happy or sad. My friends are a lifeline as well. They're my ever ready cheerleaders, although some look better in skirts and pom-poms than others. (You know who you are *wink-wink*.)

However, through it all, my anchor, my best friend, the one true love of my life for nearly 30 years has been my husband. We've been lucky enough to have experienced mainly sunny days, but there have been a few wretched, seemingly inescapable storms that have really tested the bones of our marriage. But when there is a bond that is so deep and so solid and so strong and is the foundation of all that is good in your world, there is no hurricane, typhoon, or tornado that can overcome it.

Who is/are the support system(s) in your life? What can you count on them for?
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