The Doctor Is In! Or, Five Things to Tickle Your...

Is it just me, or are people awfully cranky lately? I'm sensing a need for a little therapeutic humor, so... THE DOCTOR IS IN! Dr. Debbie, at your service! (FYI, of course, that's me in the picture. Who the hell else did you think it was, some random gorgeous model?)

Okay, here are five things to tickle your bone. I mean, your funny bone. Let's start with a true story:

1) While driving today with my son, Adam, he asked how we used to travel in the olden days - you know, before there was GPS. I told him we used a thing called a "map." I even took one out and showed it to him.

Me: "Look, Adam. Here's Pennsylvania. And over here, that's New York."

Bear in mind, he's 20.

Adam: "I can't imagine going on a road trip using only a map. That's insane!"

Um, yeah. We were a bunch of crazy lunatics driving around the freeways willy-nilly, crashing into each other, fender benders, head-ons, going south in the northbound lanes, you name it, we did it. How we ever got from Point A to Point B using only pictures in a big, unwieldy book in nothing short of a miracle. "Where the hell is GPS?!" we subliminally screamed in perfect unison. INSANITY I TELL YOU, INSANITY!

2) Anything on Funny or Die, but here's my current favorite: Bush's Letter to Obama.

3) Margaret and Helen - Two elderly women with wicked political wit and wisdom. They've had over two million hits. You read that right, TWO MILLION!!!

4) My husband and I are getting a little too into Bill Hader's imitation of Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC Fame. Oooohhhh!

5) And, of course, one of the funniest SNL clips of all time. Hint: It's something in a box...!

Check these funny things out, and then come back and tell me I put a smile on your face. I admit it, I need the reinforcement. It's not my fault, I'm the firstborn of four girls.

Laugh, people, it's good for the soul. It's also the best medicine. And, I'm pretty sure it's a universal language. ;-)

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