Tweet! Tweet!

I know some of you are still lagging in the discovery of Twitter's awesomeness. That's okay. I'll let it go a while longer. After all, I was once in your shoes; sad, lonely, bitter, perhaps a bit arrogant, and certainly far too busy to be bothered by such trivial nonsense as what Joey Smith of Bumblersville, AK had for breakfast this morning. Who the hell cares what Joey ate? I sure don't.

Plus, what's all that nonsense with the "@" and "#" signs? Way too confusing. Better to get back to your freshly baked, hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies and watch Oprah.

But, wait! Don't give up so fast! Twitter is so much more than random ampersand and number signs and what Joey's having for breakfast. It's more. It's oh, so much more! And you can still eat all the cookies you want. Remember, you're on the internet - no one can see you! (Well, except for the aliens, but that's a whole 'nother story...)

Want to connect with other writers? Want to get great tips from agents? Want to participate in chats regarding the publishing biz? Then get your lazy bum over to Twitterville and start tweeting! It's fun, easy, enlightening, surprising, and ever-changing. Go on. Dive in. The water's a perfect 85 degrees.

Just don't tell me what you ate for breakfast.
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